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My name is Leah Ingram but maybe you know me as #Leah_is_Pawsome on the Peloton Leaderboard.

I’ve been in the Pelofamily since 2016, when my husband and I bought an original bike. Also, I’ve written hundreds of articles about being a Peloton user and decided to house them all here, on the PeloZone blog.

If at any time you have questions, you can contact me.

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How to Book a Peloton In Person Class

  1. Make an account on the Peloton studio site.
  2. Purchase credits for the number of classes you want to take.
  3. Log on to book a class at the Peloton New York or London studio.
  4. Search the waitlist on the studio site and see if any classes are available.
  5. Or, visit the studio site the day Peloton releases the new schedule to book.

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