My name is Leah Ingram, and I’m an author of 15 books on topics related to shopping. I earned a degree in journalism from New York University.

I consider myself to be an OG Peloton owner. We got our bike in 2016.

On my original blog Leah Ingram, Real Sophisticated Consumer, I wrote hundreds of articles about Peloton ownership. Soon enough, I realized it was time for that Peloton content to have its own blog.

Here is a link to my media kit.

leah ride 900 peloton store pittsburgh low res
Leah celebrated her 900th ride on the bike at the Pittsburgh Peloton Store in 2020.

Leah also writes these blogs:

Southern Maine on the Cheap

Southern Maine on the Cheap is part of the Living on the Cheap network.

It offers advice on how to enjoy Southern Maine on a budget.

Selling and Buying a Home

Selling and Buying a Home is a real estate and home decor blog for home owners.

Your Home Dog

Leah Ingram is an admitted crazy dog lady. She writes about all things canine on the Your Home Dog blog.

Aging at Your Best

Who says that you have to slow down after 50? Aging at Your Best is Leah Ingram’s blog about aging gracefully and enthusiastically.

Books by Leah Ingram

I’m the author of 15 books.

My latest is The Complete Guide to Paying For College, a guide for middle-class families on how to afford college.

By far, my best-selling book is Suddenly Frugal: How to Live Happier and Healthier for Less. It compiles my unique money-saving advice, including how a family can save $25,000 a year.

You can also listen to Suddenly Frugal as an audiobook, especially if you have an Audible subscription.

My second title in the Suddenly Frugal series is Toss, Keep, Sell!: The Suddenly Frugal Guide to Cleaning Out the Clutter and Cashing In.

Finally, I’ve also written about a dozen books about weddings, gifts and etiquette.

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