Barbiecore and Peloton

Given the hype surrounding the “Barbie” movie, the Barbiecore aesthetic and just overall pink, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Peloton is going to have some Barbie-themed classes coming. However, what you may not realize is that Peloton has already embraced Barbiecore in one way or another.

Peloton instructor Olivia Amato in Barbie pink.
Peloton instructor Olivia Amato in Barbie pink.

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Barbiecore in existing Peloton classes

There are a few ways I’m defining Barbiecore in existing Peloton classes. One is through music and class playlists.

In fact, when I used the Peloton search feature and typed in the word Barbie, I was shocked to see how many results I got. Also, how funny is it that the first three class thumbnails that show up are all instructors in Barbie pink.

Searching for Barbie classes on Peloton.

Now, as is the case with the search feature, the algorithm sometimes confounds words. So, I’m not surprised that the image I’ve shared with you includes Barbra Streisand for Barbie or Malibu Babie instead of Malibu Barbie.

However, beyond that, there are at least three legit Barbie classes already in the class library.

Of course, your search results may vary based on how many classes Peloton purges or when they go about deleting classes. And boy do I wish they would stop doing this — or at least give members like you and me a proper explanation as to why they must delete older classes. But I’m getting off topic.

Barbie music

When I click through on each of these three classes, I can see the actual Barbie songs that were played in the class. Jess Sims’ two Fit Family classes each have one.

However, that Marcel Dinkins’ 45-minute interval run for March 9, 2023 at 5 p.m.? It’s stacked with Barbie and Barbie-adjacent music. Here is a list of songs that appear in her class:

  • Anything is Possible: Barbie
  • Barbie Tingz: Nicki Minaj
  • The Jump Off: Lil’ Kim
  • Barbie Doll: Vershon, Birchill
  • Not Your Barbie Girl: Ava Max
  • Barbie Dreams: Nicki Minaj
  • PLASTIC: Unghetto Mathieu, Unghetto
  • Money Bag: Bankroll Barbie
  • Barbie Baby Doll: Vybz Kartel
  • Summer Nights: SIAMES, Barbie Williams
  • Good Form: Nicki Minaj
  • Barbie Girl: Aqua
  • Tambourine (Explicit Version): Eve
  • Black Barbie: Little Jackie
  • Barbie (Album Version): The Beach Boys
  • Barbie & Ken: Wakeupdez

Barbie-themed classes

After searching the class library, I headed over to Peloton’s social media feed. And sure enough there was an Instagram story announcing all of the Barbiecore classes that, at the time of this writing, were coming up.

Here’s a visual collection of those classes. They’ll be happening live and also released On Demand.

On the last screen of the Instagram story, I clicked on the link to listen to the Barbie album. I went through to Amazon Music, since I have Amazon Prime. It’s part of my membership.

Anyway, I was super disappointed to look through the album playlist and not see the Indigo Girls “Closer to Fine” on it. Especially after this big New York Times feature “How the Indigo Girls Brought Barbie ‘Closer to Fine’.”

Peloton instructors wearing Barbie pink

Moving away from music, we’ve seen plenty of Peloton instructors dressing in what I would call Barbie pink. If you’re a color nerd like I am, Barbie pink is Pantone 1915C and hexa is #E0218A.

Take the pink shiny leggings in that tweet I grabbed of Olivia Amato. You can find leggings like this, in this bubblegum pink, on Carbon 38.

Also, I recently put together an email for readers on my “Dress Like Your Favorite Peloton Instructor” mailing list about some pink Lululemon golf clothing I spied Kendall Toole wearing.

I send a weekly email about Peloton instructor clothing. Use the box below to sign up to get the inside, weekly scoop on that.

Some of the Peloton-brand apparel for sale on Amazon comes in a Barbie pink. This includes the Peloton studio scoop tank. They stock it in size extra small (XS) to 3X.

Finally, while I’ve yet to see any Peloton instructors in Converse high tops aka Chucks, you may be interested in this fact: you can get Converse in Barbie pink as well as a lighter pink. The latter version comes with a retro platform sole.

Barbie makeup

Recently, I wrote about cruelty-free makeup brands. These are the ones that are not tested on animals.

I mentioned how there are a handful of Peloton instructors that wear this kind of makeup. Well, I’ve learned that one of those makeup brands — NYX — has come out with a Barbiecore beauty collection. Some of these items even qualify as vegan makeup.

There are other places you can buy Barbie-inspired makeup, too. For example, MAC makeup has a Barbiestyle lip color. And Amazon is overflowing in Barbie makeup and other Barbiecore products.

The Barbie Edit Collection

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