Best Yoga Towels

If you get sweaty hands and feet like I do, then you’ll wan to invest in yoga towels for your practice.

This could be sweat towels to keep nearby or towels that go over your mat.

Honestly, I have both.

Sometimes I’ll lay a microfiber towel across the top of my mat so I can put my hands there during sun salutations.

Other times I might just use a yoga towel that covers my entire mat.

Yogi’s choice.

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Best yoga towels

As I mentioned, as someone who has sweaty hands, I find that I need to use a towel on my yoga mat.

If I don’t have a one nearby, my sweaty hands start to slip on my mat.

Yeah, they can call the yoga mat a sticky mat.

More like a slippery mat for me.

Yoga workout sweat towels

I’ve never done hot yoga.

But I do get hot and sweaty when I practice my Peloton yoga.

That’s why I invested in yoga mat towels at Target.

Like my yoga mat from Gaiam, the towels I bought are also the Gaiam brand.

Again, I got them at Target. 

What I love about these yoga towels is that each corner has a little “pocket,” if you will.

Your mat slips into this pocket and stays in place throughout your entire class.

They are microfiber.

So, they absorb sweat like crazy without getting sopping wet.

They do a good job of wicking away the sweat.

Gaiam Yoga Towels

As I mentioned I bought my Gaiam yoga towels at Target.

However, if you shop directly on the Gaiam website, you’ll find a greater selection of these yoga towels that go over your mat. 

In fact, when I visited, I found a few different options.

They are:

  • Regular yoga mat towel from Gaiam
  • Gaiam stay put yoga towel (this is the kind with the pockets that I have)
  • Active dry yoga mat towel from Gaiam
  • Gaiam grippy yoga mat towel

Lululemon Towels

There are two kinds of yoga towels from Lululemon.

One, there are towels that go over your yoga mat.

And, two, there are smaller Lululemon yoga towels that you can use to wipe away your sweat during or after your practice.

I really like the design of one of the Lululemon yoga towels.

It looks like a camo print but it has very feminine colors–lavender purple and mint green.

There’s another pattern that’s called Starlight.

I would describe it as looking more like a black and white floral print.

Lululemon Yoga Sweat Towels

Lululemon's website sells yoga sweat towels both big and small.

Speaking of Lululemon, here are hotels with the Lululemon Studio Mirror in rooms or hotel gyms.

Yoga Towels on Amazon

You can find plenty of options on Amazon.

If that’s where you prefer to shop, I would recommend looking at the Manduka brand on Amazon.

Manduka is a well-known maker of yoga mats, towels and other accessories.

You may have read about the Manduka lifetime guarantee for its yoga mats. 

Anyway, over on Amazon, you’ll find the Manduka eQua yoga towel.

It is quick-drying and non-slip.

There are other yoga sweat towels from Manduka.

Here is my article on Peloton yoga basics.

Personalized towels on Etsy

When it comes to personalizing anything, Etsy is your best bet.

There are so many options to choose from.

There are a handful of craftsmakers offering personalized yoga towels that fit over your yoga mat.

Others have personalized smaller towels.

You can even order a personalized yoga mat!

Personalized Yoga Towels on Etsy

Final thoughts on the best yoga towels

If you have sweaty hands and feet like I have, then you’ll understand the importance of using yoga towels.

Hopefully, I’ve offered some good suggestions for your practice.

However, if I missed something or didn’t answer your questions about yoga towels, post a comment and let me know.

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