Hotels in Europe with Peloton Bikes

There has been so much demand for information on hotels in Europe with Peloton bikes. That’s why I decided to take the information from this original Peloton hotel finder post and write this new one. 

In this article you’ll find various hotels on the European continent. These are hotels or resorts with Peloton bikes in the fitness center or gym.

In addition, I’ve tracked down private home rentals with Pelotons. Finally, you’ll find lodging in the following countries:

  • Germany
  • Italy
  • United Kingdom

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Hotels in Europe with Peloton bikes: Germany

Late last year Peloton and Kempinski hotels announced a partnership to bring bikes to Kempinski hotel guests. According to this hospitality trade website, at participating Kempinski hotels in Germany, guests can have a Peloton bike delivered right to their room. Bikes, which have double-sided pedals with SPD or toe cages, are available on a first-come, first served basis to guests.

Since that announcement five Kempinski properties in Germany have come online having Peloton bikes. They are:

However, they are hardly the only hotels in Germany with Peloton bikes. Below, you’ll find the  most up-to-date list, based on my research.

Finally, Hilton Hotels are adding more Peloton bikes to German hotels throughout 2023.

Bavaria, Germany

Kempinski Hotel Berchtesgaden

Berlin, Germany

Hotel Adlon Kempinski

Binz, Germany

Loev Hotel Rügen

I found the announcement, below, from the Loev Hotel Rügen hotel. It’s all about the Peloton bike in the hotel gym.

binz germany peloton hotel facebook post

Dresden, Germany

Hotel Taschenbergpalais Kempinski Dresden

Frankfurt, Germany

Kempinski Hotel Frankfurt Gravenbruch

Hamburg, Germany

Tortue Hamburg

Through its promotion called Tortue X Peloton, shown below, you can book a room at Tortue Hamburg hotel, and have a Peloton bike delivered to it.

tortue hamburg hotel peloton promotion

Munich, Germany

Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten Kempinski

While in Germany be sure to check out these 75 famous landmarks.

Vacation rentals in Europe with a Peloton



Here is how the listing on describes this Rome apartment:

Right in the heart of Rome, located within a short distance of Piazza del Popolo and Villa Borghese, Bookwedo – Babuino Penthouse offers free WiFi, air conditioning and household amenities such as a dishwasher and coffee machine. This apartment is a 8-minute walk from Spanish Steps and 0.7 miles from Barberini Metro Station.

While the listing doesn’t mention the Peloton bike, I found a picture of it, tucked beneath a staircase.

While in Rome, you may want to go see the Pope. So, here are tips on visiting the Vatican.

Here are non-Peloton vacation rentals worth booking in Europe.

Hotels in Europe with Peloton Bikes: United Kingdom

In this article about all of the Peloton hotels in England, you’ll discover hotels in London with Peloton bikes. In fact, that article focuses primarily on London.

However, London isn’t the only city in the United Kingdom with Peloton hotels. So, I’ve included a few non-London European locations in the UK here.

Hotels in Europe with a Peloton bike: Scotland

Auchterarder, Scotland


This Facebook post shows that the Gleneagles Hotel in Auchterarder, Scotland, has had a Peloton bike since 2020. Not sure how I missed it up until now!

peloton hotels europe gleneagles scotland

Crieff, Scotland

Crieff Hydro Resort

The Crieff Hydro Resort recently announced on its Facebook page (shown, below) that it has added a Peloton bike to the gym and fitness center. As far as I know, this is the only location in Scotland that has a Peloton bike.

crieff hydro resort scotland peloton bike

Stobo, Scotland

Stobo Castle

You have two options for riding the Peloton bike at Stobo Castle resort in Scotland. One, you can use the bike as a guest of the hotel.

Or, two, if you live locally, you can join The Spa Club. This membership would give you access to the Peloton cycle all the time. 

stobo castle scotland peloton hotel bike

Non-London Hotels in England UK with Peloton bikes


Graduate Hotel Cambridge

The Graduate Hotel Cambridge near the University of Cambridge has a Peloton bike in the fitness center. It is one of two Graduate hotels near English universities. The other one is in Oxford.


The Grove Hotel

Located about 20 miles outside of London, The Grove Hotel has a full spa as well as personal trainers in the gym. Want to work out with your own Peloton trainers? Then you’ll definitely want to hop on the single Peloton cycle there.

Plymouth, England

Boringdon Hall Hotel and Spa

The Peloton bikes at the Boringdon Hall Hotel and Spa are part of the Gaia Spa on property.

Shrewsbury, England

Hawkstone Hall & Gardens

You’ll find two Peloton bikes in the Orangery Gym of the Luxury Spa & Retreat Shrewsbury, within the Hawkstone Hall & Gardens. This hotel is a former mansion in the English countryside. It is about three and half hours northwest of London, very close to the Wales border. 

Surrey, England 

The Runnymede on Thames

When The Runnymede on Thames add a Peloton bike to its fitness center and spa, it announced that addition on its Facebook page. FYI, Surrey is a suburb of London.


The Vincent Hotel

The bubbly Facebook post, shown, below, expressed The Vincent Hotel’s excitement about having a Peloton bike on site now.

vincent hotel southport england peloton bike

St. Andrew, England

Mottram Hall

When I read the reviews for Mottram Hall, one of the posters had this to say:

“I also made use of the gym which has the latest state of the art equipment including a peloton bike which I am thinking of buying and have now had the opportunity to try.”

London Hotels with Peloton bikes

Below is a small sample of London hotels with Peloton bikes. This is good information to have if London, England is your destination in Europe and you need to find a hotel with a Peloton on site.

[mv_create key=”585″ type=”list” title=”Sample of a London Hotel with Peloton Bikes” thumbnail=”” layout=”grid”]

Of course, there is one more option for riding a Peloton bike in England. The biggest opportunity is to book a class at the the Peloton London studios.

Also, here are Covent Garden hotels near the Peloton London studios.

Finally, I understand that you can get a Peloton ride in at London’s Heathrow Airport. It’s in the Virgin Atlantic guest lounge.

You can get more details in this post about airport hotels with Pelotons. 

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