Hotels with Hydrow Rowers and Peloton Bikes

These days you can find hotels with Hydrow rowers, the upscale rowing machine. It’s just like you can find Peloton bikes in hotels.

So many have become accustomed to working out at home with these high-end training devices. Therefore, they’re expecting to find them when they travel. And hotels are responding.

Also like Peloton and Tonal, Hydrow has come out with a hotel finder. However, the information included in this article is all original research.

I have fact checked each and every listing below. Therefore, if you find fewer hotels listed here than elsewhere, it is because of my fact checking. That is, if I could verify, independently, that there was a Hydrow rower at this hotel–despite other websites saying so–I did not include that property or listing.

In addition, like with Peloton and Tonal, many hotels have Hydrow rowing machines in their fitness centers and gyms. Furthermore, some have added the Hydrow to private guest rooms. Interestingly, many of these amenity-packed fitness suite rooms you can book privately also often have a Peloton bike in them as well.

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Guide to hotels with Hydrow rowers

Below is a state-by-state guide of where you’ll find Hydrow rowing machines in hotels. It is organized in alphabetical order by state. Then, if there are multiple locations in each state, they are in alphabetical order by city or town.

Finally, if a town or city has more than one hotel with a Hydrow rower, I’ve listed hotels names in alphabetical order.

One last thing before I get to the list of hotels. This article is a work in progress. As I come across new information about Hydrow rowers in hotels, I’ll be sure to fact check it first. Then, if it checks out, I’ll add it to this article.

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List of hotels with Hydrow rowers

Arizona hotels with Hydrow rowers


L’Auberge de Sedona

Not only is fitness center at L’Auberge de Sedona open 24 hours, but it includes the following:

You’ll also find the L’Auberge de Sedona included in this article about Peloton hotels in Arizona.

California hotels with Hydrow rowers


JW Marriott, Anaheim Resort

Not only does the fitness center at the JW Marriott Anaheim have a Hydrow rower, but also you’ll find two Peloton bikes.

jw marriott hotel anaheim peloton hydrow rower

Marriott Hotel Brands

Looking for a Marriott hotel finder for a future stay when you can earn points as part of the Marriott Bonvoy rewards program?

Then make sure you familiarize yourself with all of the various Marriott brands. 

These brands many not all have Marriott in their names, but they are all part of the Marriott family:

Finally, many Marriott hotels have amenities worth noting.

This includes Peloton bikes (sometimes the Peloton Tread), Hydrow Rowers or Tonal/lululemon Studio smart gyms, plus electric vehicle charging.

Beverly Hills

Four Seasons Hotel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills

There is an exclusive fitness suite at Four Seasons Hotel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills. You can book it for two-hour increments and workout to your heart’s desire on the Hydrow Rowing Machine, Peloton bike and treadmill, among other fitness amenities.

four seasons la beverly hills hydrow rower peloton bike


Cavallo Point Lodge

Located just outside San Francisco and at the foot of the Golden Gate Bridge, the Cavallo Point Lodge has a well equipped fitness center that includes Hydrow rowers as well as Peloton bikes.

San Francisco

Stanford Court Hotel

In addition to the Hydrow rowing machine here, you’ll also find two Peloton bikes in the Stanford Court Hotel fitness center.

Many of these California hotels with Hydrow rowers also have Peloton bikes and appear in this article about hotels in Northern California with Pelotons. 

Colorado hotel with Hydrow rowers


Hotel Clio

The Hotel Clio fitness center has both a Hydrow rower (which it spells Hydro) as well as Peloton bikes.

Florida hotels with Hydrow rowers

Boca Raton

The Boca Raton Beach Club

The Boca Raton Beach Club has a Hydrow rowing experience studio. According to a Facebook post (shown below), you’ll find the Hydrow rowers located on the hotel grounds between the spa and Mizner Center.

Here’s what the hotel had to say about the additional of Hydrow rowers:

“HYDROW has brought their state-of-the-art rowing instruction to The Boca Raton, inviting resort guests and members to train with world-class athletes streamed live and on-demand from scenic waterways around the globe.”

boca raton hotel florida hydrow rower facebook post

Key West

The Marker Key West Harbor Resort

The Marker Key West Harbor Resort fitness center has a Hydrow rowing machine as well as two Peloton bikes. You can see both in this picture I grabbed on the hotel’s Expedia page. (grab link here:

marker key west harbor hotel hydrow rower peltoton bike



Hidden Pond

This resort, literally in the Maine woods, called Hidden Pond, has at least one Peloton bike in the fitness studio. Plus, based on the Facebook post below, there is also a Hydrow Rower and a lululemon Studio smart Mirror.

I should add this hotel to my article about things to do in Kennebunkport, Maine.

Massachusetts hotels with Hydrow rowers


The Envoy Hotel

Located in the Boston Seaport, you’ll find at least one Hydrow rower in The Envoy Hotel fitness center.

The hotel also offers something called a Wellness Concierge to help you find other fitness options in Boston.

Hyatt Centric Faneuil Hall Boston

The Hyatt Centric Faneuil Hall Boston claims it was the first hotel in Boston to install a Hydrow rowing machine in its fitness center.

Whitney Hotel

The Whitney is a boutique hotel in Beacon Hill. It has one Hydrow rower in the gym, as shown in the photo below.

whitneyhotel boston hydrow rower

XV Beacon Hotel

The XV Beacon Hotel in Boston, aka the Fifteen Hotel (XV is Roman numbers for 15), has a Hydrow rower as well as a Peloton bike in the gym.

It is one of many Peloton hotels in Boston.


Kimpton Marlowe Hotel

Cambridge and Boston are well-known for rowing events on the Charles River. So it’s no surprise that the Kimpton Marlowe Hotel has partnered with Hydrow to bring the rowing experience to its fitness center. Also, Hydrow is based in Cambridge. So, it all makes sense.

New York hotel with Hydrow rowers

New York City/Manhattan

Motto by Hilton New York City Chelsea

One of the unique offerings at The Motto by Hilton New York City Chelsea hotel opened is its partnership with Hydrow. That is, the hotel’s fitness center features the Hydrow rower along with traditional workout equipment.

Vacation rentals with Hydrow rowers

Keep in mind that many VRBO and other short-term vacation rentals might include a Hydrow rower. In this blog post about California vacation rental homes with Peloton bikes, a number also include the Hydrow rower as well. 

I’ll continue to do a deep dive on VRBO and Homes and Villas by Marriott for listings with Hydrow rowers. I still think it would be great if these sites let you filter using specific terms, like Peloton or Tonal or, in the case of this article topic, Hydrow rowers.

Final thoughts on hotels with Hydrow rowers

As I mentioned at the top of this article, roundups like this one on Hydrows at hotels are works in progress. Therefore, as I come across additional information related to this topic, I’ll update this article. 

However, in the meantime, if you’ve stayed at, work for or represent a hotel property or VRBO with a Hydrow rower, please get in touch. I’ll consider the information you share. Then, if appropriate, add it to this article.