How to Keep a Peloton Streak Going

Why am I writing this blog post about how to keep a Peloton streak going? Well, like many of my blog posts involving the Peloton bike, I have a personal reason for delving into this topic. And my reason is this:  A week ago I tripped and fell in my garage. I landed on my right wrist. Not surprisingly, I broke my wrist.

Currently, I am in a cast for the next 12 weeks as my wrist heals. As luck would have it, I am right handed so I am actually writing this blog post by dictating it in Google Sheets. But that’s beyond the point.

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Why I am thinking about my Peloton streak

Besides being worried about brushing my teeth left handed or figuring out how to feed myself left handed, I wanted to figure out how I could keep my Peloton streak going. I have had many streaks in my Peloton Journey.

Right now, I just passed my 3-year streak of working out every week. In other words I have been using my Peloton every week since June 2018. In other words more than 156 weeks in a row.

keep peloton streak going

How Peloton daily streaks work

If you look at achievements in your Peloton profile, you can look at badges that tell you the various streaks that you’ve had going. In my blog post about Peloton Milestones, I outline the different daily streaks that you can achieve. They are:

  • 3 Day streak
  • 5 day streak
  • 7 Day streak
  • 10 day street
  • 20 day streak
  • 30 day streak
  • 45 day streak
  • 60 day streak

The limit to Peloton daily streaks

Sadly, Peloton doesn’t give you badges for a streak going beyond 60 days. It really feels like they should.

Recently, in one of the many Peloton Facebook groups that I am in, somebody shared that she made her own 365 day Peloton badge. She was so proud of her 365 day streak that she wanted some way to celebrate it since Peloton didn’t.

These badges are just like the ones you get when you take your first classes in different genres. My blog post on Peloton for beginners covers these badges in depth.

peloton for beginners ride badges

There is no 365 day Peloton streak badge

Of course, I tried to explain to her that there was a 52-week badge which does equal 1 year. However she was dead set on having a badge that showed 365 days.

Who knows? Maybe in the future Peloton will take a page from her and extend the streak badges beyond just 60 days.

Keeping a Peloton weekly streak going

As far as weekly streaks go, as I mentioned I recently just passed my 156 week streak. That’sthe equivalent of 3 years.

There are only two other weekly streaks that I will be able to qualify for an achievement badge in the future. They are a 175 week streak and then a 208 week streak. That latter one is the equivalent of 4 years.

What are the Peloton weekly streaks

But, let’s take a step back here. Let me outline the list of the weekly streaks that you can get. They are:

  • 3 week streak
  • 5 week streak
  • 10 week streak
  • 20 week streak
  • 30 week streak
  • 40 week streak
  • 1 year or 52-week streak
  • 60 week streak
  • 70 week streak
  • 80 week streak
  • 90 week streak
  • 2-year or 104 week streak
  • 125 week streak
  • 3-year or 156 week streak
  • 175 week streak
  • 4-year or 208 week streak

It’s interesting. You can get a badge for a 7-Day streak, but there is no badge for a one-week streak. I guess because 7 days is a week and that would be redundant. I’m still not clear on the logic behind the badges that Peloton gives or doesn’t give for daily and weekly streaks.

Gifts for various Peloton milestones

What are Peloton Milestones: Gift Ideas

Looking for Peloton swag and merch to celebrate a milestone? Etsy is a treasure trove of milestone gifts. From shirts to stickers to decals and badges, I love and want everything I've found on the site!

The Peloton annual

I know that in 2021, Peloton increased its annual streak badge, that is counted by minutes, from 5,000 minutes to 10,000 minutes spent using the Peloton. I believe that they did this because so many people will quickly surpass 5,000 minutes in 2020, with everyone at home. And I guess Peloton realized that 5,000 minutes in a year on a Peloton didn’t really add up to a lot of time for devoted people like you and me.

So like I said in 2021 you can earn a badge for 10 for up to 10,000 minutes spent working out with Peloton. As I’m writing this blog post I have just recently earned my 6,000 minute badge for the annual challenge.

Maintaining a Peloton streak when you’re off the bike

So, as I mentioned in the introduction, my inspiration for writing this blog post is a selfish one. I have a broken wrist. That’s my casted arm, below.

As of right now I don’t think I can ride my bike while it is healing. That may change, but in the meantime, I am looking for ways to keep my Peloton streak going while I am off my bike.

I realized that there are other times when you might want to keep a Peloton streak going and it has nothing to do with having hurt yourself. For example, maybe you’re going away. Even so, you want to find a way to keep your Peloton streak going while you’re on vacation. I have a couple of ideas for this one

How to keep a Peloton streak while on vacation

First, before you book your vacation, check out my blog post on Peloton hotels. That is, I’ve collected a comprehensive list of hotels and resorts that have Peloton bikes on property. If you happen to be going on vacation and staying at one of these places, you’ll have no problem keeping your streak going.

Second, if your vacation involves renting a private home, I can help there too. Please read my blog post on vacation rentals with a Peloton in them.

I have found hundreds of private homes, condos and apartments in the United States and the Caribbean that have a Peloton bike in them. Usually renting them means that you get access to the bike, too. So like a Peloton hotel, if you are staying in a home with a Peloton, you should have no problem keeping your streak going

Use non Peloton equipment to workout

Here’s another way to keep your Peloton streak going while you’re on vacation. Even if you don’t have access to a Peloton, use the Peloton app to exercise.

There is so much great fitness and wellness content on the app. Given that, you should have no problem earning your blue dot every day that you are on vacation.

That being said, vacations are meant for taking time off. So if you were determined to get a blue dot, just do a Peloton meditation. There are short meditations that you can listen to while you sit quietly, and you will still earn your blue dot.

Final thoughts on keeping a Peloton streak going

As I mentioned earlier, I am currently passed a three-year Peloton streak or 156 weeks. In addition, I have hit the max Peloton daily streak many times over. Again, that’s 60 days only. I know I’m not the only person who wishes a Peloton daily streak would go longer than that.

Writing this article has been very helpful for me as I try to keep my own streak going with a broken wrist. I have found creative ways to stay active on the Peloton app and get my daily blue dot. I hope this blog post inspires you, too.

In the end, if you come up with creative ways to keep your own Peloton streak going, please post a comment and let me know. I’d love to hear your ideas.

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