How to Make Your Peloton Screen Swivel

I’ve gotten lots of questions about how to make your Peloton screen swivel. And let me tell you this: there are lots of answers to these questions.

That is, there isn’t just one way to swivel a Peloton screen. And, it turns out, it isn’t just a Peloton bike with a screen you can swivel.

So, with so many options to cover, I’ve decided to dive into this topic with its own article on how to make your Peloton screen swivel. Here goes.

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Does the Peloton screen swivel

Of all the equipment that Peloton makes, only two have a screen that swivels. That’s out of the box, if you will. 

In other words, the ability to turn the screen is built right into the equipment. You don’t need any clever hacks or add-on accessories to make the screen swivel. (More about both of these topics in a bit.)

So, which Pelotons have screen swivel-ability?

One, the Peloton Bike Plus, which the company introduced in 2020. I got my Bike Plus in 2021. We purchased our original Peloton bike in 2016.

And, two, the Peloton Row, which the company introduced in 2022. This Peloton rower is supposed to ship to customers in December.

I noted in this article about the Peloton rowing machine that it appears that the touchscreen or tablet for the Row is the same as the tablet on the Bike Plus. So, I’m going to go out on a limb and say that swiveling the Row screen will be the same as when I swivel the screen on my Bike Plus.

Finally, you can always cast your Peloton to a Roku TV if you can’t swivel the screen.

Steps to turn Peloton bike screen

Want to take your workout off your Peloton Bike Plus and onto the floor? Here’s what I need to do to turn the screen to one side or another or all the way around. 

One, make sure that the screen is completely perpendicular to the floor. If the screen is tilted at all, it will hit the handlebars when you go to turn it. 

Two, once the screen is straight up and down, I can turn it to the left or the right. You can choose which side based on how much room you have next to your bike.

How much can you swivel the Peloton screen

Also, you can swivel the screen so that it is facing completely away from your bike. You can see an example of this swivel-ability in the picture I’ve shared of my bike.

Finally, even though you can turn the screen 180 degrees away from the bike, you cannot turn it all the way around and back again. In other words, it doesn’t swivel 360 degrees.

Either you turn it to the right and then to 180 degrees and come back. Or you turn it to the left and then to 180 degrees. Then you must turn it back the way it came.

Turning the Peloton Row screen

As I mentioned, the specs for the Peloton Row screen seem identical to the Peloton Bike Plus screen. Therefore, I imagine that turning the screen will be the same. 

However, I downloaded the Peloton Row manual and discovered this: even though the screen looks like the Bike Plus one, its maneuverability is not the same.

One, unlike the Bike Plus screen, the Row screen does not swivel as much. In fact, according to the specs, you can turn the rower screen only 45 degrees from its regular position. 

However, like the Bike Plus screen, you can turn it both ways. So, it goes 45 degrees to the left of the rower, or 45 degrees to the right of the rower. 

Also, like the Bike Plus, the screen tilts up and down. On the other hand, the screen can completely fold down on itself.

That’s because you can store the rower in an upright position. Plus, you need to have the screen out of the way in order to store it this way.

Peloton Row screen swivel vs Hydrow Rower

Compared to the Hydrow Rower, the Peloton Row screen does not swivel nearly as much. That is the Hydrow screen swivels 50 degrees to the side.

When I tried out the Hydrow for this review, I’ll admit that I didn’t think the screen swiveled nearly enough. Then again, I’m more familiar with the Bike Plus screen turning all the way around or as much as I would like. I’m not sure how I would feel with five fewer degrees of turning on the Row.

hydrow swivel screen

Peloton screen swivel hack

So, let’s say you have the original Peloton bike and you want to be able to turn your screen? Well, good news. 

There is an easy hack to get this job done. It involves purchasing an attachment or adapter that turns the static (i.e. non-turning) Peloton tablet into one that turns or swivels.

While there are a number of companies selling these attachments, there is one I’ve worked with personally and have purchased their products. And that is Top Form Design.

The brains behind Top Form Design are always coming up with solutions to problems you didn’t know you had. For example, the very first item I bought from them was their Spin Tray.

This product turned my Peloton bike into an exercise desk. Here is what my OG Peloton bike looks like with the SpinTray on it.

spin tray desk for peloton

It’s great for working on my laptop while doing a Just Ride on the bike. I get my minutes towards the Annual Challenge badge, plus exercise, plus my work done.

Screen swivel adapters

After creating the SpinTray, Top Form Design came up with a bunch of other products. This includes something called the StepTray that turns a Tread into a walk desk.

Also, they make an attachment that lets you slide the handlebars closer to you. This is important for riders in the Shortie Tribe.

There are two versions of the handlebar adjuster. Also, there are different versions for the original Peloton versus the Bike Plus.

Here is a link to the Top Form Design store so you can check out their products.

But for the purposes of this article, what you want to buy is The Pivot from Top Form Design. This easy-to-install product makes it possible to swivel the screen on your OG Peloton bike. 

Below I’ve included more information about all of the Top Form Design products. Also, be sure to use my exclusive discount code LEAH10. It will save you 10% on any purchase.

Keep in mind that this coupon code saves you money on the Top Form Design website only. You cannot use it on Amazon.

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