How to Save on Peloton Membership

Who wouldn’t want a Peloton membership discount? I mean, I like saving money as much as the next person, don’t you?

There are a couple of reasons you may want to find a cheaper Peloton membership. One, in 2022, the price of the Peloton all-access membership in the United States went up to $44 per month, from $39 per month.

Two, in 2023, Peloton introduced a tiered app membership. TL;DR — the more you pay, the more access to Peloton classes you get.

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And honestly, Peloton really screwed the pooch by changing how the Peloton app membership works. In their latest earnings projections, subscriptions are way down. And while they’re losing less money than they did the year before, they are still losing money because fewer people are subscribing or rather keeping their subscriptions. I’m sure that’s because no one understands this new tier system and, frustrated, they cancel. Peloton should have just left the app membership alone as it was — one app, one way to use it — or raised the all-access app membership to something reasonable or made it the same as the Guide device membership (which I think is $24 a month) and called it a day.

Rant over.

Anyway, there’s more of an incentive to find ways to save on a Peloton membership. That’s why I tracked down a number of legit ways to save on your Peloton subscription fees as well as Peloton equipment or workout accessories. Let me explain.

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How do you get a Peloton membership discount?

The first way to get a Peloton membership discount is actually something you share with friends. It is a Peloton free trial called Guest Pass.

It’s a way for you to share a 60 90-day free trial of a Peloton membership with friends and family. This is good for people who have never had a Peloton membership before.

Here is information on how to cancel your Peloton free trial.

Newest Peloton Chase Sapphire deal

Great news: Peloton has renewed the Chase Sapphire partnership to help you save money on Peloton equipment, not a membership.

It will go through 2025.


Here are the details from Peloton:

“Between February 1st, 2023 and March 31st, 2025, Chase Sapphire® Reserve card members will receive 10x total points on purchases over $250 and Chase Sapphire® Preferred card members will receive 5x total points on purchases over $250.

Eligible purchases include the Peloton Bike, Bike+, Tread, Row, Guide and/or any Accessories; provided that such purchases total over $250, with a maximum earn of 50,000 points total for Reserve and 25,000 points total for Preferred. Purchases must be made directly through Peloton and paid for in full with a Chase Sapphire® credit card at the time of checkout.”

Peloton Support Page

More Peloton credit card deals here.

More Peloton credit card deals here.

Peloton membership discounts by profession

At first only nurses and certain healthcare workers could get a Peloton membership discount on the purchase of equipment. However, Peloton has expanded this healthcare worker discount to include veterinarians and other medical techs.

Discounts for medical personnel

In fact, here is an expanded list of which healthcare professionals qualify for this Peloton discount:

  • Doctors
  • Nurses
  • Behavioral Health & Social Service
  • Chiropractor
  • Dental Provider
  • Dietary & Nutritional Service Provider
  • Emergency Medical Service Provider
  • Eye, and Vision Services
  • Nursing Services
  • Pharmacists
  • Podiatry
  • Respiratory Service Providers, such as respiratory therapists
  • Developmental Service Providers
  • Rehabilitative Service Providers
  • Restorative Service Providers
  • Speech, Language and Hearing Technologists & Technicians
  • Physician Assistants
  • Clerical and Administrative Support
  • Veterinarians
  • Veterinary Assistants

In addition, now Peloton has expanded that discount–on a Peloton equipment accessories package or an app-only membership–to many more professions.

Also, Peloton says that these offers are “void where prohibited” but doesn’t explain what might prohibit someone in one of these professions from qualifying for a discount on a Peloton purchase.

Military Peloton membership discount

One, there is a Peloton membership discount for members of the military.

This military discount is for:

  • Active Duty
  • Reserve
  • Veteran
  • Retiree
  • Immediate Family

Peloton First responder membership discount

Two, there is a Peloton first responder membership discount.

This includes:

  • EMT
  • EMS
  • Firefighter
  • Police officers or other Law Enforcement professionals

Educator and Peloton teacher discount

Three, there is an education-related membership discount.

This is for K-12 teachers. It also covers those working in higher education, such as college professors. I’m told this is a discount available in the United States only.

What I’m not sure about, with this Peloton teacher discount, if it applies to all educators. For example, if you work in a school but you’re not a teacher, per se.

This is a roundup of companies, including Peloton, that offer teacher discounts.

Peloton student discount

The aforementioned education discount on a Peloton membership isn’t just for people working in schools.

In fact, it is valid for college and university students, too.

This support page on the Peloton website explains how to get the discounted app membership.

Finally, if you’re interested in the discount on accessories when you buy a Peloton Bike, Bike+ or Peloton Tread, visit this Peloton support page for details.

New tiered app subscriptions

When Peloton introduced the tiered membership levels for the digital app, it affected the discounts for the professions mentioned above and what they received for their discounted subscription.

For example, it used to be that you just got a Peloton app subscription, full stop, and had access to live classes and on-demand fitness classes that Peloton instructors teach. And those mentioned above got the discounts. Now there are two levels to app membership and everything is so different:

  • Peloton App One
  • Peloton App+

The App One costs $12.99 a month (without the discount). On the other hand, App+ costs $24.

Peloton App One

Here’s what’s included with a Peloton App One subscription:

  • Strength classes plus, cardio, Pilates, yoga, meditation, outdoor walking and outdoor running, and stretching classes
  • Activity tracking, live metrics, step-by-step Peloton Gym programs
  • Three (3) cardio equipment classes per month, such as cycling, on the following: Bike/Bike+, Tread, and Row classes (Lanebreak and Scenic content, excluded)
  • With the App One Membership, you will have access to three (3) cardio equipment classes. You will be notified each time you take a class, and a class is considered taken after 180 seconds. Failure to leave the class before 180 seconds will result in the class being considered taken for the month. Once a class is taken, it cannot be removed or replaced with another cardio equipment class. Please review our Membership Terms for more information.
  • Peloton Programs and monthly Challenges
  • AppleWatch® and WearOS by Google® stats
  • Heart Rate Monitor connectivity

All of the discounted memberships have transitioned to the Peloton App One membership. You’ll notice that there is a limit to the number of hardware-related classes that you can take. So, if you were using the app to ride, run or row on your own equipment, now you will be limited to three classes per month.


Here’s what you get with a Peloton App+ subscription:

  • Access to take as many classes as they want on the Peloton App platform, including Bike/Bike+, Tread, and Row classes, Exclusive classes, Peloton Programs, and monthly Challenges (excluding Lanebreak and Scenic classes, which are not offered on the Peloton App).
  • Features include activity tracking, live metrics, Peloton Gym, AppleWatch® and WearOS Google® stats, Heart Rate Monitor connectivity, and more.

App discount has changed

Along with the change in the app membership benefits, Peloton has changed up the discounted price. It used to be that every group that was entitled to a discounted app membership paid the same price. Now it goes like this:

  • $6.99 per month: University/College Students
  • $9.99 per month: First Responders, Military, Educators, Medical

Military: Active Duty, Reserve, Veteran, Retiree, Immediate Family
First Responders: EMT, EMS, Firefighter, Police/Law Enforcement
Medical: Doctors, Nurses, Behavioral Health & Social Service, Chiropractor, Dental Provider, Dietary & Nutritional Service Provider, Emergency Medical Service Provider, Eye, and Vision Services, Nursing Services, Pharmacy, Podiatry, Respiratory, Developmental, Rehabilitative and Restorative Service Providers, Speech, Language and Hearing Technologists & Technicians, Physician Assistants, Clerical and Administrative support, Veterinarians and Veterinary Assistants
Educators: K-12 Teachers, Professors (US Only)
Students: University

Peloton promo code

This isn’t a membership discount but rather your own discount code. You can share it with others who are buying a Peloton.

They get $100 off an accessories package, not the purchase of a Peloton bike, Tread or rower.

In return, you get $100 in apparel credits. You can spend these credits on the Peloton apparel boutique.

However, this doesn’t work on the Peloton apparel boutique on Amazon.

How to find your shareable discount referral code

Here are my tips on how to find your referral code.

You’ll find your Peloton referral code under your profile on the Peloton website.

Not the app.

Nor is it on the bike or the Tread or the Peloton Row or the Peloton Guide.

It’s on the Peloton website only.

Where do I find my Peloton referral code

Previously, you would find your Peloton referral code under your profile on the Peloton website.

However, now Peloton has changed how that works.

Instead, these are the steps you’ll take.

  1. Log into the Peloton website.
  2. Look for your username and profile pic on the top of the page.
  3. Next to your username and profile pic are three dots.
  4. Click on them.
  5. Scroll down to where it says “Refer Friends” and click on that.

Now you’re on the referrals page.

On the top is a “slider” that lets you move between sharing a referral for an app free trial and sharing your exclusive code to save on Peloton accessories.

Click on the slider to get it to move from one side or another.

This will give you access to the link you want to share.

How do I share my Peloton referral code with someone

It’s easy.

As I mentioned above, once you get to the “Refer Friends” page, there will be a link you can share with people.

How to get a cheaper Peloton membership

If you’ve purchased a piece of Peloton hardware — treadmills, bikes or rower — then you’re already paying the full all-access membership and there’s just no way around it. This all-access membership covers up to 20 members of your household or, more likely, up to 20 different profiles on a single account/piece of hardware.

However, thanks to the folks at The Clip Out podcast, I learned of a Peloton membership hack that can get you a legit cheaper membership rate, with all the benefits of the most expensive one, without having a bike, treadmill or rower. Basically? Buy The Peloton Guide.

Cheaper membership option through Peloton Guide

So, how does this cheaper membership option work? Yes, you have to buy the Guide but that’s way less expensive than the hardware.

During Black Friday deals, the Guide is/was marked down by more than 50%. Instead of $195, the Guide is $95. So, that’s $100 in savings right there.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases, such as if you buy the Peloton Guide through my link below. There is no cost to you for clicking that link.

Next, if you buy the Guide and don’t own any other hardware, then you’ll need to get a Guide-only membership. Right now that costs $24 per month.

Here’s where the hack comes in: a Peloton Guide membership, which is $20 per month cheaper than an all-access membership, provides access to the entire Peloton class library. True, there is a Peloton App+ membership that costs the same ($24/month) and provides the same access level to Peloton content.

However, with an app-only membership, you get just one profile. On the other hand, with the Guide membership, you can have up to five people on the same account. So, if you have a household that wants access to Peloton content, such as rowing classes you can do using a Concept 2 rower, then the Guide membership makes way more sense.

How not to save on a Peloton membership

Lately, I’ve seen people in the Peloton Facebook groups talking about hacks to save money on a Peloton membership.

They would rather not pay $44 a month for the all-access membership (which is a bit of a misnomer, since members do not have access to all Peloton content, such as the Row, but more about that another time). However, they still want to ride their bike or use their Tread.

So, people have wondered if they could cancel their $44 a month membership and just pay for the app membership. And then still use their hardware. Unfortunately, that’s not how things work.

To log into a bike or Row or Tread that you own, you have to pay for that all-access membership.

The only way you can get away with using an app membership on hardware is if you’re staying in a vacation rental with a Peloton, using a friend’s equipment, taking a Peloton class at a store or showroom or staying at a Peloton hotel.

Final thoughts on how to get a Peloton membership discount

I’m sure that as Peloton continues to grow in popularity, there will be more incentives and discounts on membership to be had.

I wouldn’t be surprised if more healthcare companies or health insurance providers start covering usage or reimbursing members.

Finally, if you hear about a way to get a discount on a Peloton membership that I haven’t covered here, please reach out and let me know.

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  1. Hello Leah, I appreciate your information. I am getting a little tired of the $44 per month full access membership. Not sure if I am getting the value I would like. Have you had success trying to negotiate a lower rate via phone?
    Jim (please do not display my email-thanks)

    1. I’ve never even tried to ask them for a discount. And, frankly, I doubt they’d give it. If you’re not using the hardware, why not sell and just pay for the app?

  2. I have been trying for the last couple hours to cancel my all access membership and the instructions do not work…there is absolutely no access to cancel. I do not want the membership to start up again. Please help me!!

    1. Have you called them? Have you chatted with customer service? If you can’t do it yourself on line, then call Peloton. However, if you subscribed via your Roku TV or Apple, you’ll need to cancel on those platforms.

  3. I am a senior, a first responder, a college proressor, a son of a Peloton full user. What kind of discount can I receive for a full Access Peloton Membership? Larry Segall.

  4. Note: the discover card is not 75$ off, its “earn 5% Cashback Bonus at Grocery Stores and Fitness Club & Gym Memberships”, meaning you will need to spend $1500 on gym memberships to get the full $75.