Peloton and Lululemon

When I first started writing about Peloton, Lululemon was one of the brands making their apparel. I had a bunch of it, too.

There were leggings with the Peloton logo on it, tank tops that were the same and sports bras. Here are photos of some of the items I had that fit this description.

pink peloton and lululemon bra
Peloton and Lululemon sports bra. Photo credit: Leah Ingram.

So, the combination of Peloton and Lululemon is nothing new.

gray peloton and lululemon leggings
Peloton and Lululemon leggings. Photo credit: Leah Ingram.

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New Peloton and Lululemon partnership

Then, a few years ago, Peloton moved away from those partnerships and started making its own apparel. Clearly, they’ve done a 180, now that they’ve announced their new partnership with Lululemon.

Here is some of the press release from Lululemon:

“Lululemon and Peloton announced a five-year strategic global partnership through which Peloton will become the exclusive digital fitness content provider for lululemon, and lululemon will become the primary athletic apparel partner to Peloton.”


One of the outcomes of this partnership is that Lululemon will no longer offer the Mirror, which the company had rebranded as the Lululemon Studio.

I tried out at the Lululemon store in New York City last year. This was their store at Columbus Circle, at the Time Warner Center.

lululemon studio. mirror
Photo credit: Leah Ingram.

Peloton and Lululemon apparel

Not surprising, there’s been a big push for this new iteration of the brands’ apparel. In fact, this comes on the heels of the Brittany Allen collab.

Four of the Peloton instructors are now working as global ambassadors for this new partnership. You’ll see them in advertisements on the Peloton online apparel boutique and in the stores as well.

Those instructors are:

  • Hannah Frankson
  • Erik Jager
  • Chelsea Jackson Roberts
  • Adrian Williams

We members were given first dibs at the new collection, with a 10% off coupon code. Unfortunately, that email got lost in my inbox. By the time I found it, the coupon code had expired. Damn!

gray peloton and lululemon bra
Photo credit: Leah Ingram.

In-person launch events

Last week Peloton held an event in Chicago to launch all of this. Then, I got an email that told me about another in-person event happening on October 14 to promote the new Peloton and Lululemon partnership:

“Discover the collection at a Peloton store near you on Saturday, October 14, as we host all-day “sip and shop” events at every location. Expect game-changing gear and refreshments.”

Now that I live in Maine, I had to figure out the Peloton store nearest to me. While the store in Boston was, geographically, the closest, it was faster for me to drive to the Peloton store in Natick, Massachusetts, which I did.

peloton store natick mall
Peloton store at Natick (Massachusetts) Mall. Photo credit: Leah Ingram.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from the Peloton and Lululemon launch. Honestly, it was really low key. The staff at the Natick store welcomed me, offered me free food and refreshments and then showed me around the store.

table at peloton and lululemon launch natick mall
Photo credit: Leah Ingram.

While there was plenty of clothing and apparel, I zeroed in on the Lululemon crossbody bag (fanny pack that you wear diagnonally over your chest). I’ve had my eye on one of these for awhile, and now that they’re branded with Peloton, well I treated myself to one. What do you think?

leah at peloton store lululemon launch natick mall
Photo credit: Leah Ingram.

Unfortunately, the Peloton website is really crappy. For example, the whole reason I wrote my original Peloton hotel finder article was because the Peloton hotel finder was so unreliable. And, truth is, it’s time for me to update my article about Peloton stores and showrooms, because I know a bunch have closed.

So, sure, I can find a nearby store. However, when I click through, there is nothing on there to see if all of the Boston area stores are participating in this Lululemon launch or just one. Because of the Peloton Facebook groups I’m in, I know that not every store in a single area hosts events.

For example, for Mother’s Day this year, the Dedham, Massachusetts store held a member get together. Those that went got 15% off apparel and accessories. However, this was the only store of the three in the Boston area that held this kind of event. So, there is no consistency with which stores do things and which stores do not.

[lasso ref=”onepelotonlululemon-x-peloton-everywhere-belt-bag” id=”42492″ link_id=”8682″]

Final thoughts on Peloton and Lululemon

One of the outcomes of this new partnership was the fact that Lululemon will no longer support the Mirror. This really surprised me. I thought for sure that Peloton would try to develop a Tonal-like device, like the Mirror. Maybe they think the Peloton Guide is good enough. I’m not sure I agree with them on that–I returned my Guide–but I guess we’ll see.

If you have any thoughts about Peloton and Lululemon working together, I’d love to hear from you.

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