Peloton and the University of Michigan

When I wrote my article about Peloton bikes in college towns, I wasn’t able to include the University of Michigan. Now, I can.

However, it’s not in the way you probably think.

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Peloton partnerships with the University of Michigan

Recently, the company announced a new Peloton partnership with the University of Michigan. Sadly, right now it’s not for the general population.

That is, it doesn’t include a way for regular students to ride a bike or run on a branded treadmill on campus.

For example, they won’t be available at the Central Campus Recreation Building (which is where I took step classes when I lived in Ann Arbor) or another of the fitness centers.

Here’s where you will find Peloton bikes — on the sidelines of The Big House.

That is, you’ll see first-of-their kind co-branded Peloton Bikes on the sidelines of football games at the Big House.

The Peloton bikes will replace the aerobic bikes currently used by players on the sidelines.

However, wait, there’s more.

According to a press release about the partnership, there are additional ways that current Michigan students and student-athletes as well as alumni will benefit from this partnership.

Peloton bikes for student athletes

One, University of Michigan Athletics facilities will have co-branded Peloton Bikes for student athletes to use. However, they will not be available for purchase. That’s too bad.

My husband, a Michigan alum, would love to have a maize and blue Peloton bike in our home — despite the fact that we already have an original bike and Bike Plus.

Two, Peloton will support University of Michigan athletes across various disciplines.

This includes football, basketball, hockey and Olympic Sports teams and fans. They’ll provide fitness instruction, co-branded content and in-venue activations.

And, three, Peloton will also integrate University of Michigan student-athlete influencers in an expanded name, image and likeness (NIL) campaign.

This is designed to better reach students, alumni and fans to build brand awareness, drive participation in promotional activities and inspire them to pursue their fitness ambitions.

michigan theatre ann arbor
Michigan Theatre. Photo credit: Leah Ingram.

Peloton branding at the University of Michigan

The University of Michigan and Peloton partnership doesn’t end there.

  • Michigan Football Cinematic Game Recaps on and social platforms will be powered by Peloton
  • Peloton will sponsor “The Maize Rage,” the student cheering section at the University of Michigan men’s and women’s basketball games.
  • In addition to the Peloton hardware, the company is also offering discounted subscriptions to the Peloton app. This discount will be available to University of Michigan students and alumni.

This Michigan partnership is the first in a number of college partnerships that Peloton hopes to bring to fruition over the next few years.

Eventually, they hope to bring refurbished bikes to fitness centers or allow people on campus to rent Peloton bikes through the Peloton rental program.

Stay tuned!

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