Must Have Best Peloton Bike Accessories: Just Updated

I’ve updated this article on the best Peloton bike accessories to reflect people who may have purchased a Peloton to help them exercise at home.

Also, if you’ve ordered a bike and are waiting for your Peloton to arrive, this article will help you get started on the bike accessories to buy now.

Finally, you’ll find a list of the best, must-have Peloton accessories.

Then, further down in this article I’ll offer more editorial on each item and links to them.

When I originally wrote this blog post on Peloton must-haves, I’d highlighted about a dozen Peloton bike accessories that have made my Peloton ownership more enjoyable.

However, after having my bike since 2016, I’m continuing to discover new ways to improve and add to how much I love my bike.

Thus this update of the best Peloton bike accessories.

Some of these are Peloton products.

Others are products that are compatible with Peloton.

All are Peloton must haves in my book! Now, onto the original part of the post.

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Accessories for both Peloton bikes

So now that you have the bike, you may be wondering what the best accessories for the Peloton bike are or even just the best Peloton bike accessories overall?

I’ve put together a list of products, nay Peloton essentials, that can help you get more enjoyment from your Peloton.

This includes the best Peloton shoes and the best headphones for Peloton–in my humble opinion, that is.

Peloton bike accessories on Amazon

Many of these are what I’m calling Peloton accessories Amazon.

That is, you can buy many of them conveniently on Amazon.

In fact, at the bottom of this post, you’ll find a link to my shopping page on Amazon.

But don’t head over there just yet.


Because many of the products and add-ons that I’m recommending can be purchased elsewhere, such as on Etsy or the manufacturer’s website.

Wherever possible I’ve added coupon codes to save you the most.

As you know you usually can’t use coupon codes on Amazon.

List of the best, must-have Peloton accessories that you need

  • Heart rate monitor 
  • Moisture-wicking cycling socks
  • Padded shorts or leggings
  • Gel bike seat cushion or cover 
  • Cycling shoes with Delta Look cleats
  • Reusable water bottle that fits the Peloton holder
  • Wireless, Bluetooth headphones
  • Yoga or exercise mat
  • Foam roller and/or handheld massage tool
  • Shelf to hold your phone
  • Hand weights or dumbbells
  • Smart TV if you want to cast your screen
  • Headbands to catch sweat
  • Handlebar towels
  • Fan to keep you cool
  • Peloton screen covers

What originally came with our Peloton bike

I can tell you that when our bike first arrived in November 2016, we “upgraded” our purchase to include Peloton bike accessories.

This Peloton gear included:

Called “the works” it added $249 to our bike purchase.

peloton bike and row side by side
Photo credit: Leah Ingram.

The works weren’t enough

While it was an OK purchase, it wasn’t enough.

That’s because there were two adults using the bike.

My husband and I do not wear the same size shoes so we would need at least one more pair.

Plus, our college-aged daughters would want to hop on the bike when they were home from school.

Best Peloton Bike Accessories

I’ve put together a list of the best accessories for the Peloton bike.

This is from someone who has been riding since 2016.

Therefore, you can feel confident that I know what I’m talking about and will only recommend products I trust.

This list of best Peloton bike accessories including Peloton clothing.

That is clothing to wear while riding your Peloton bike–not necessarily clothing from the Peloton brand.

But they do have some cute stuff in the Peloton boutiques!

Speaking of Peloton apparel, here is my Q&A about Peloton workout clothes.

How to make the Peloton screen swivel

Have an OG Peloton bike and want to be able to get the swivel screen or make the tablet pivot 90 degrees to the left or right like the Bike Plus?

Well, I have a solution.

It’s a product called “The Pivot.”

It’s made specifically for the Peloton bike.

The Pivot from Top Form Design or TFD is an add-on product adapter that goes on the “arm” of your Peloton bike where the tablet is mounted.

Once installed it gives you the screen experience of the Bike Plus without the price tag.

This article focuses on how to rotate or swivel your Peloton screen.

Helps you enjoy your Peloton more

With my list of the best Peloton accessories at your disposal, once you’ve done your shopping, your brain can focus on getting the best workouts of your life–period.

I love my Peloton bike, and I hope you’ll love yours, too.

This list of the best Peloton bike accessories, essentials and must haves can also help you find Peloton gift ideas.

So, if you have someone in your life who is obsessed with their Peloton like I am, many of the products I’ve suggested would make perfect Peloton gifts.

Gifts for Peloton lovers

However, I have Peloton gift guide chock full of Peloton bike gifts and ideas.

This is in addition to a post about Peloton instructor quotes.

So if you’re looking for products featuring Alex Toussaint quotes among other instructor catchphrases, you’ll want to check out these two blog posts.

Kids and Peloton

Finally, if you have kids looking to use your Peloton, here is a blog post on Peloton kids classes and overall information on Peloton for kids.

This includes tips on finding kids Peloton shoes that fit.

Now onto the list of the best accessories for your Peloton bike!

Peloton compatible heart rate monitor

While the Peloton hr monitor is perfectly adequate, with multiple people riding, no one wanted to share their heart rate monitor.

Of course you need a heart rate monitor that is compatible with the Peloton.

Why do you want to wear a heart rate monitor when using the Peloton?

Because if you want to get serious about training your heart, you’ll need a heart rate monitor.

It’s one of those home workout equipment essentials.

Also, if you want an accurate way to track how many calories you’re burning, you need a heart rate monitor.

The image below shows what my burn rate looked like while wearing an HRM and without one.

Copy of peloton heart rate monitor

Big difference, right?

So when thinking about investing in Peloton equipment, put a heart rate monitor on your list.

Forget the FitBit

Finally, while your FitBit can track your heart rate, it won’t pair with the Peloton bike for heart rate training.

However, it will work with your Peloton bike to track distance and calories burned.

Here is an in-depth review of the best heart rate monitor to use with Peloton.


I love my Scosche heart rate monitor.

Best socks for Peloton

You wouldn’t think that you need special socks for riding your Peloton or spin class in general.

You would be wrong.

One of the challenges of biking is that on long rides your feet and toes tend to fall asleep.

This is due to no fault of your own, except for wearing too thick socks.

Yes, that’s right.

The best socks for Peloton are those that are on the thinner side.

It just means you need to cinch your shoes a little snugger so they stay on your feet.

Moisture-wicking socks are a must

Another thing that makes socks the best socks for biking?

Wicking away moisture.

One of the things I’ve learned while riding my Peloton is that there are parts of me that sweat that I didn’t know could sweat.

This would include the backs of my knees and the bottoms of my feet.

Why I recommend Bombas socks

Wicking socks are a must.

Some of the best wicking socks are from Bombas.

Here is how Bombas describes its sock technology:

“We believe in the antimicrobial and moisture-wicking properties of high-quality, natural fibers. Our socks contour to your feet, keep you dry all day.”

Shop now for Bombas socks and use code BOMBAS20 for 20% off your first purchase.

Don’t ride without padded shorts or leggings

Unless you’ve been spinning for a long time, using the Peloton bike on a regular basis takes some getting used to.

And I mean for your delicate lady parts and manly bits.

Put plainly the Peloton bike seat hurts.

Let me tell you–a spin bike seat can be very unforgiving, if you know what I mean.

I have these Terry padded shorts for women.

Anyway, the Terry shorts are amazing.

Terry padded shorts for women

A gel seat is one of the best Peloton bike accessories

After reading reviews online for the best gel seat cover for a road bike, I settled on the Domain Cycling gel seat cushion.

It’s got great reviews.

If you use code LEAH when you shop on the Domain Cycling website, you’ll save 10% on your purchase!

Padded gel seat covers and cushions

Best shoes for Peloton bike

Like I said earlier, when we purchased our bike, we also purchased an accessories package.

This package included one pair of Peloton bike shoes or Peloton cycling shoes.

We got them in my husband’s size.

My husband has hard to fit feet.

More info on Peloton cycling shoes

This article offers a more in-depth look at the best Peloton shoes.

It also includes information on the Peloton shoe size chart.

FYI, now you can buy Peloton bike shoes on Amazon.

It’s the cleats that make the Peloton bike shoe

Another thing to consider: once you get spin shoes, it’s not the footwear itself that makes your shoes compatible with Peloton.

It will be the cleats you attach to the bottom of the shoes that make them compatible with your spin bike.

So if you’re asking, “Do you need Peloton shoes?” or “Do you need special shoes for Peloton,” the answer is yes and no.

Again, you need the cleats that look like these.

bottom of peloton bike shoes

Treat yourself to reusable water bottle or two

One of the nice features about the Peloton bike is it comes with two water bottle holders.

That’s great when you’re taking longer rides where you’re really going to sweat.

And when you sweat, you get thirsty.

Here’s what I do not love about the Peloton water bottle holders–they are really narrow.

At just three-inches wide they can barely hold my regular-sized, reusable water bottles that I normally use when exercising.

Best bottles or cups for Peloton bottle holder

I’d suggest that you invest in a few stainless steel bottles that have as narrow a base as your Peloton water bottle.

This will help cut down on plastic bottle waste, ensure that your water bottles stay in the bottle holder throughout your class, and keep you from having to worry about BPA in plastic bottles.

My favorite way to stay hydrated while riding my Peloton is using reusable water cups with a top and a hole for a straw.

Then you don’t have to fumble with opening a top to take a drink.

Why I love Tervis Tumblers

I’ve got a few Tervis Tumblers in rotation.

We use the insulated, BPA-free drinkware.

Tervis also makes stainless steel cups.

Pro tip: get the 16-ounce Tervis Tumblers as they are the ones that fit into the water bottle holders, not the bigger 24-ounce size; they fall out!

I also bought multi-packs of generic reusable straws that can go in the dishwasher and use with them.

Peloton brand water bottles

Now that Peloton is selling its products on Amazon, you’ll have an easier time finding Peloton brand products. This includes water bottles that fit the bike’s bottle holder.

Swap out bottle holder

On the other hand, if you want a bottle holder that can handle wider ones, then you’ll want to swap out the bottle holder.

It’s really easy to do.

Also, the folks at TruBliFit have made a bottle holder specifically for wider ones.

peloton bike accessories water bottle holder

You can buy a version for the original Peloton Bike as well as the Bike Plus.

Use code LEAHINGRAM to save 15% on your purchase.

Bluetooth headphones

You definitely want to be riding your Peloton bike with a pair of Bluetooth headphones on.

However, I’ve never been able to pair my AirPods with my bike.

My favorite kind, which I use whenever I ride, is the AfterShokz Aeropex headphones.

For more on the best headphones for Peloton, including answers to common questions, please read this blog post called Peloton Bluetooth headphones.

A yoga mat and accessories are a good idea

You may think about Peloton as just a tool for spinning.

But you can take Peloton classes without a bike.

Peloton offers stretching classes, weight lifting bootcamps, running instruction via the Peloton Tread and yoga content.

There are also Peloton yoga classes.

My yoga essentials

With yoga comes the need for yoga essentials.

I’ve had great luck with the Gaiam yoga mats.

Sure, they might be a bit pricey but they hold up beautifully.

And they come in gorgeous colors.

I had to work hard to keep my younger daughter from stealing my purple Gaiam yoga mat and taking it back to college with her.

In addition to a yoga mat, you should also invest in the following:

Manduka yoga mats

I just discovered that Manduka yoga mats come with a lifetime guarantee, so I wrote this review of the Manduka Pro yoga mat.

Get yourself a foam roller and/or a handheld massage tool

A foam roller is like a big thick pool noodle, but harder.

I love that this Gaiam foam roller has exercises and how to use the foam roller instructions built right into it!

You have to check it out.

For my birthday last year, my husband bought me a Hypervolt GO handheld massager.

It is battery operated and is a percussive tool that basically beats sore muscles into submission.

I’ve been using it religiously along with my foam roller.

Here is my Hypervolt GO massager review.

Phone holder for your spin bike

So many people have landed on this blog post looking for a Peloton phone mount or holder, or a Peloton iPhone holder.

I found them on Etsy.

They say these phone holders can handle every size of smartphone, both Apple and Android.

Note: these are phone holders for indoor spin bikes only.

They are not designed to hold a phone when you ride a bike or motorcycle outside.

You might need Amazon Fire TV or Roku

Did you know that there is a Peloton channel on Smart TVs?

This would be a gret reason toget a Roku TV.

Headbands are a great idea while riding

You are going to sweat buckets when riding your Peloton.

You know you’re getting a great workout.

Therefore, I’ve found that regardless of how you wear your hair, having a headband on during your ride is a must.

You can wear it at your hairline or across your forehead to catch the sweat.

Sweaty Bands headbands

Finally, many readers have asked where they could find the sparkly headbands that instructor Christine D’Ercole wears.

The brand is called Sweaty Bands.

Sweaty Bands offers a no-slip headband that you can buy on Amazon.

You’ll notice that Christine tends to match the headbands to the outfits she wears in class.

I particularly like the royal blue sparkling headbands.

FYI, the sparkly headbands are the “Viva Diva” kind from Sweaty Bands.

They come in a variety of widths. I’ve highlighted a few below.

Handlebar towel

Mostly, I’ve used actual towels that hang off of your bike’s handlebars or lay over them.

Then, I discovered one that goes around the handlebars.

It’s called the Gus Grip, and it’s great.

One, it allows me to keep my hands on the bars without the towel slipping.

Two, it’s absorbent.

And, three, it stretches to fit handlebars on the original Peloton bike as well as the Bike Plus.

Best of all, if you use coupon code LEAH10, you’ll save 10%.

Finally, if you’re looking to support a women-owned business or brand, Gus Grip fits the bill.

Sweat guard for your bike

Look for a sweat guard for your bike?

You’ll want a special towel to put on your bike and underneath it.

One company making these products is called Velotowel.

Velotowel makes a towel cover for your Peloton handlebars–including to fit the new Bike+ or Bike Plus handlebars, which are shaped slightly differently than the original bike. 

Use code LEAH10 to save 10% on your purchase of any VeloTowel products.

Fan for Peloton bike

You’re going to want a fan for your Peloton. Plain and simple.

Because when you’re riding your Peloton bike, you will be sweating. A lot.

Many of the Peloton fans on Reddit swear by the Vornado Pedestal fan. They say it keeps them cool while riding, even during HIIT, Tabata and Power Zone rides.

Obviously, if your workout room includes a ceiling fan, you’re good to go.

However, if you find yourself needing a way to cool down even more, this Vornado fan seems to be the best fan for the Peloton bike user.

On the other hand, if you want a fan that mounts on your bike, check out this cutie below.

Use code LEAHINGRAM to save 15%.

SpinTray for Peloton

The SpinTray for Peloton a custom-cut piece of acrylic that slips over the Peloton handlebars.

It’s got a little “stick” to it (but not like flypaper) so your laptop doesn’t slide off.

This is a great option when you want to use your Peloton for a “Just Ride” while checking email or working on your computer.

Use code LEAH10 to save 10%.

spin tray desk for peloton

Peloton weights

You can use Peloton weights on and off the bike.

For example, the little weights are for arms and light weights classes done on the bike.

On the other hand, the square dumbbells are for floor classes for weight lifting, such as those on the Hardcore on the Floor calendar.

All are available on Amazon.

Peloton mat

It’s a good idea to put a mat under your bike.

The mat helps to catch sweat and protect your floors.

You can find Peloton bike mats on Amazon.

If you’re looking for other options, here is my article on other Peloton mats.

It covers the mat for under the bike, the mat that you can get with your Tread as well as the Peloton yoga mat.

Peloton bike cover

Recently, a reader wrote and asked about finding a cover for his Peloton bike.

Here’s what he told me:

“We recently got a puppy who is a bit too interested in our bike. We’d like to keep it covered to avoid any issues.”

So, I recommended these bike covers that you can get on Amazon.

They’re made for storing bikes outdoors, but they could easily work indoors, too.

Peloton screen cover

The screen cover is something to go over your Peloton tablet, monitor or screen when you’re not using it.

This Neoprene cover (that’s scuba material) will protect your screen and keep it dust free when you’re not using your bike.

Use code LEAHINGRAM to save 15% on your purchase.

A few final thoughts on the best Peloton bike accessories 

I hope these tips on the best accessories for Peloton bikes have been helpful.

If I can answer any questions about the Peloton bike app, the best Peloton instructors, how to do Peloton On Demand rides, or anything else, please post a comment here.

Again, I’ve created a special shopping list on Amazon of my favorite Peloton bike accessories.

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  1. Any recommendations for a Peloton cover? We recently got a puppy who is a bit too interested in our bike. We’d like to keep it covered to avoid any issues. Thanks!

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    – cycling gloves – I now use an old pair instead of a towel over the bars
    – mini-fan – perched on the handlebars (gorrillapod-style arms wrapping around the bars), pointed up at my face. USB rechargeable

    If anyone wants to save themselves $100 off the accessories – here’s my code:

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  14. Thanks for the article. I am thinking about buying a Peloton but want my kids to be able to use it when they are home. Since it would be occasional, would you recommend the toe cages for them? My husband & I would buy the clip-in shoes. What do your kids do? Do the toe cages just clip in like the shoe so it would be easy to go back and forth?

      1. Oops that was meant for the comment below. We used the toe cages so that when our daughters were home from college–they are older–they could just slip their shoes into the cages to ride. Hope that helps.

  15. Hi there! A great list!
    The fan, I think, is one of the key items to buy (once you have shoes and a water bottle!)
    The one I bought has a remote control, and three speeds. This is particularly good as when I get on the bike, and it’s cool, I don’t need a fan on me at all, or else I’ll get cold. After 10 minutes or so I can turn it on, and if it’s warm outside, get it on a fast speed quickly.
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