Peloton Gift Ideas: A Gift Guide for Peloton Lovers Updated

I’ve just updated this post on Peloton gift ideas for the Peloton obsessed person aka Peloton lovers in your life. It includes ideas for various holidays, including Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day and, if you’re planning ahead, Peloton Christmas ornament options that you can find on Etsy.

This post is for anyone looking for gifts for someone with a Peloton cycle or Tread. As a fellow pelo-addict, I can tell you this: I think I’ve found the best gifts for Peloton riders or Peloton users or gifts for Peloton lovers like me. 

How do I know? Because if you only gave me Peloton gifts for my birthday or on Valentine’s Day or during the holiday season, you would make me so happy. Speaking of holidays, I’ll continue to update this blog post to reflect upcoming holidays, such as Mother’s Day and Father’s Day in the spring and Christmas and Chanukah in the fall/winter. 

At the very end of this post, I’ve shared some ideas on how you can share the gift of Peloton with someone else–affordably.

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Gifts for Peloton owners

As someone who has written more than a dozen books related to gifts and etiquette, among other topics, I have a secret to share. One of the best ways to give someone the perfect gift is to give them something that helps them enjoy their hobbies more.

In the past I have always appreciated any gifts that are dog-related. Being a dog mom and all, I love anything that helps me love spending more time with my dogs.

I’ve just written a Peloton gift guide for every budget. There you’ll find gifts ranging from under $5 to under $100.

Best gifts for Peloton riders

But since the Peloton came into our life in 2016, you can add Peloton gifts to my wish list. Perhaps you’ve read my review of the must-have Peloton bike accessories.

I know you can get some great ideas for gifts for Peloton riders in that article. This is especially true if you’re looking for cycling gadget gifts like the best or coolest Peloton heart rate monitor. I’ve got tons of ideas for gifts for someone with a Peloton.

However, in this Peloton gift guide, I’m taking a slightly different approach. This time around I’m highlighting fun, quirky cycling gifts along with practical ideas that are also unique and innovative. I believe I’ve pulled together some of the best gifts for Peloton riders. If you’re looking for Peloton milestone gifts or the best gifts for Peloton users, this list can help you, for sure!

Here is my blog post that explains exactly what it means to have a Peloton milestone and how you can get yourself some Peloton milestone swag.

In addition, if you’re looking for gift ideas in a certain budget range, this post on gifts under $5, $10, $25, etc. can help. 

Finally, if you’re looking for gifts centered around Peloton instructor quotes, please check out my newest blog post. This includes products with Alex Toussaint quotes on them.

Gift ideas for all kinds of Peloton users

For starters, I’ll offer ideas on ladies cycling gifts. Also, I’ll suggest bicycle themed gifts for men. I’m confident you’ll love my suggestions on gifts for Peloton users and riders.

Finally, those of you searching for gift ideas for a Peloton rider, be sure you’re spelling Peloton correctly in your search. This will help you narrow down the right gift ideas. 

Here are the spellings I’ve seen:

  • peleton
  • pelaton
  • peliton
  • pelton
  • pelatron
  • pentalon
  • pendleton

Just so you know it is P-E-L-O-T-O-N.

Peloton gift ideas

In this guide to the best gifts for Peloton riders or Peloton lovers, I’ve broken out ideas based on a theme. For example, I know that many Peloton users (myself include) find inspiration in instructor quotes.

I’ve tried to find Peloton gift ideas that will really resonate with Peloton lovers like myself.  

Peloton gifts for him

[mv_create key=”683″ type=”list” title=”Peloton Gifts for Him” thumbnail=”” layout=”circles”]

Meal kits that Peloton users recommend

Many people get a Peloton to help them lose weight. As I learned the hard way–and until I signed up with the Noom weight loss program–you can exercise for hours a day, but if you’re putting crap food in your mouth, you won’t lose weight.

One of the ways to start cooking healthier is to sign up for a meal kit service. Well, certain ones that don’t have you preparing dinners with macronutrients for an entire day, let alone a meal.

I asked around on social media what the meal kits were that Peloton users recommend. Here’s what I found out–and which ones I would recommend giving as a gift to a Peloton lover you know who may want to try out meal kits.

HelloFresh meal kit

I wrote about our love for Hello Fresh in this blog post about the best meal kit companies. It makes total sense that this would be a meal kit that Peloton users would love and recommend. 

You can also give HelloFresh meal kit gift cards in a variety of denominations.

Clothing, apparel and Peloton shirt gifts

The Peloton boutique used to offer a line of Peloton apparel featuring instructor quotes on the clothing. This would have been a great gift for Peloton riders or a gift for Peloton lovers. But they don’t anymore. So I’ve had to turn to Amazon and Etsy to find Peloton inspired apparel with these instructor quotes.

I’ve done my best to highlight clothing, quotes and other goodies inspired by some of Peloton’s most popular instructors. This includes where you can find the popular XOXO Cody shirts and apparel. (Hint: check them out on Etsy!)

I’d also like to add to the list my favorites for inspirational quotes or sentiments. That would be Jenn Sherman–“Just F*cking Do It”(#JFDI is the hashtag Peloton users put under their leaderboard name). Also, Christine D’Ercole–“What if you had to.”

Cody Rigsby

Robin Arzon

Jess King

Alex Toussaint

I’d also like to add to the list my favorites for inspirational quotes or sentiments. That would be Jenn Sherman–“Just F*cking Do It”(#JFDI is the hashtag Peloton users put under their leaderboard name). Also, Christine D’Ercole–“What if you had to.”

Have you seen my blog post devoted entirely to gift ideas that feature Peloton instructor quotes? I hope you’ll check it out.

Big news: now you can buy Peloton apparel on Amazon.

Jewelry Like Peloton Instructors Wear

[mv_create key=”478″ type=”list” title=”Jewelry Like Peloton Instructors Wear” thumbnail=”” layout=”circles”]

Quotes, sayings and Peloton inspiration

It’s true that the shirts I’ve included above all have Peloton quotes, sayings and inspiration. But they’re not the only gifts for Peloton lovers that you can buy.

I’ve tracked down Peloton wall art and decor that also include quotes or sayings or other general inspiration that will resonate with a Peloton user.

Some of these feature words from favorite instructors–Robin Arzon, Ally Love, Cody Rigsby and Christine D’Ercole, just to name a few.

[mv_create key=”156″ type=”list” title=”Peloton Leaderboard Name Gift Ideas” thumbnail=”” layout=”circles”]

Decorate your Peloton area

One of the joys of owning the bike is decorating your Peloton area. You can do it with stickers, decals and more. This includes your leaderboard name. In fact, I found a number of Leaderboard name inspired wall decals on Etsy.

You can even get a Peloton screen cover or screen protector for your Peloton bike. I found one featuring your favorite Pelo-saying or instructor hashtag.

There is also a Peloton towel for your bike–not you but your bike. It protects the chain guard from your sweat. In addition, you can order cute little clips to hang your Peloton bike shoes off the back of your bike.

This Peloton shoe hanger is on Etsy.

together we go far peloton towel

Finally, I’ve got ideas for a Peloton shelf and storage. In my Peloton area, I love these metal mesh file baskets. They can hold so much and help keep things organized and neat.

Also, have you seen my blog post about setting up your Peloton room?

[mv_create key=”16″ type=”list” title=”Decorate Your Peloton Area” thumbnail=”” layout=”circles”]

Shoe Storage

I get a lot of questions about shoe storage options. Chances are, if you’ve got a Peloton lover on your gift list, they may need help with shoe storage, too. That’s why the shelves and shoe racks I’ve highlighted below could be a great gift to give a Peloton rider.

[mv_create key=”211″ type=”list” title=”Peloton Bike Shoes Storage” thumbnail=”” layout=”circles”]

Here is a picture of my ATP Sports shoe rack with my husband and my shoes on it, just so you can see how it works in real life.

double peloton shoe rack from side long view

Laptop tray for Peloton

With so many people working from home these days, many are turning their Pelotons into workstations. Well, guess what?

There are products like laptop trays that make it so easy to do that. And wouldn’t that be a great gift to give the work-at-home Peloton user? Some ideas below.

[mv_create key=”238″ type=”list” title=”Desk for your Peloton” thumbnail=”” layout=”circles”]

Peloton Christmas ornament

When I search on Etsy for a Peloton ornament, I get lots of results. I’ve highlighted some of them here.

[mv_create key=”871″ type=”list” title=”Peloton Christmas Ornament” thumbnail=”” layout=”circles”]

If you’re looking for Peloton Christmas rides, you’ll need to look under themed classes.

Other gift ideas for Peloton riders

In researching this article, I came across a number of gift ideas that didn’t really fit into one category.

One, it could have been Peloton gear for your car. For example, I recently treated myself to this Peloton magnet for my car. I got it on Amazon.

peloton car magnet from amazon

Or, how to DIY a Peloton cake. Yes, it seems that people want to have a Peloton cake. Makes sense. People like to celebrate Peloton milestones.

Peloton milestone gifts

Maybe you ended up on this post because you were looking for Peloton milestone gifts. Finally, they even have a word for the anniversary of your first ride. It’s called a Pelo-versary.

What do you get for Peloton milestones

You get a free t-shirt when you hit your 100th or century ride on the Peloton hardware. So think of it as your free gift from Peloton. I explain all about the free century t-shirt in this blog post about what Peloton milestones are.

Finally, during those milestones, when you ride live, you often get a shoutout from the instructor. So there is a shout-out gift in this list, too.

[mv_create key=”15″ type=”list” title=”Miscellaneous Pelo Gifts” thumbnail=”” layout=”circles”]

Gifts for Pelo Parents

I have a blog post about Peloton for kids. It gives advice for letting your children and teens use your Peloton bike or Peloton Tread.

And it got me thinking: there has to be gifts for Peloton users that are new parents. Sure enough, there are.

There are also gifts for Peloton pet parents.

When I searched on Etsy for Peloton kids, I came across a handful of great gifts–mostly clothing–for Pelo parents or really Pelo babies. Check them out below.

[mv_create key=”165″ type=”list” title=”Peloton New Parent Gifts: A Gift Guide for Peloton Users” thumbnail=”” layout=”circles”]

Best gifts for Peloton riders Christmas stocking stuffers/Chanukah gifts

If you’re looking for small Peloton gifts, here are some quick ideas for Peloton bike gifts to add to your list.

Some of these have appeared in my popular post on the best Peloton bike accessories. But they’re so good, I think, that they’re worth mentioning again.

These make perfect Christmas gifts, Chanukah gifts or any kind of holiday gift.

[mv_create key=”480″ type=”list” title=”Sweaty Bands Headbands” thumbnail=”” layout=”circles”]

Happy birthday Peloton

As I mentioned, if someone wanted to wish me a happy birthday by giving me a Peloton gift, I’d be thrilled. Any of the ideas listed in this blog post would make a great birthday gift for a Peloton lover.

At the same time, you may want to wish them a happy birthday with a Peloton-inspired birthday card. There is a talented artist on Etsy that has created a line of Happy Birthday cards with a different Peloton instructor as their muse.

[mv_create key=”342″ type=”list” title=”Peloton Gifts: Happy Birthday Peloton Cards” thumbnail=”” layout=”circles”]

Peloton gift ideas for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day

According to market research, the average age of a Peloton owner is 46. Suffice it to say, people in that age bracket are more likely than not going to be mothers and fathers.

And what do the children of moms and dads need to do each spring? Buy Mother’s Day and Father’s Day gifts.

Therefore, these Pelomoms and Pelodads would most likely love to receive a Peloton-themed Mother’s Day or Father’s Day gift. I’ve found a few, which I’ve highlighted below. 

[mv_create key=”177″ type=”list” title=”Peloton Gifts: Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Peloton Users” thumbnail=”” layout=”circles”]

Here is an additional blog post on what dads really want for Father’s Day.

[mv_create key=”176″ type=”list” title=”Peloton Gifts: Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Peloton Users” thumbnail=”” layout=”circles”]

Also, I’ve rounded up some experience gifts to give for Mother’s Day.

How to gift a Peloton subscription

Wondering if you can give the gift of Peloton digital subscription? Well, Peloton doesn’t make it easy but I finally figured it out. This is how you give the gift of a Peloton subscription.

First, if you read my review of the Peloton digital app, then you know you can try it for 30 days for free. Next, if you continue your subscription, you’ll pay just $12.99 a month.

So, what if you want to share the gift of a Peloton subscription with someone who doesn’t have a bike or Tread? You can do that through an Apple Gift Card.

A gift card for a Peloton gift subscription

Basically, this is how it works. Since you download the Peloton app from the Apple App Store, you can “gift” someone a Peloton subscription if you give them an Apple gift card. You can buy Apple gift cards at many retailers, including online at Amazon.

You can determine how much you want to put on the Apple gift card–enough for a whole year of Peloton or just a few months. From what I can tell, Apple gift cards start at $50.

Then, you give the person the gift card with a note that you’d love to share the gift of a Peloton subscription with them. Maybe you want to slip some Peloton apparel in with the gift card.

So, can you gift a Peloton subscription? Yes, using this Apple gift card hack.

Unfortunately, you cannot control if the gift recipient uses the Apple gift card to pay for a Peloton digital subscription.

Also, unfortunately, you cannot use a Peloton gift card to pay for a Peloton gift subscription.

However, you can use a Peloton gift card to buy Peloton apparel from the Peloton boutique–online or in person at one of the mall showrooms.

Or Peloton apparel on Amazon.

Peloton Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2022

Are you looking to find the Peloton Black Friday sales and deals for 2022?

Well, this comprehensive article about Peloton Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2022 can help.

It includes information about Peloton’s new price match policy, which it calls the offer match guarantee.

Also, it includes the new financing offer for the Peloton Row–yeah!

Finally, it explains holiday sales offers for Peloton users in North America (U.S. and Canada) along with the UK, Germany and Australia.

peloton black friday price match bike tread

Final thoughts on Peloton gifts

To make your shopping for gifts for Peloton lovers that much easier, you can always visit this blog’s Shop page. It’s where you’ll find links to products I’ve recommended in this Peloton gift ideas post as well as all of the other posts on this blog–Peloton related and not.