Peloton Mobility and Stretching Classes

If you take any kind of cardio or strength class on the Peloton platform, then you’re familiar with the instructors suggesting that you take a stretching class afterwards. Stretching after exercise helps you avoid soreness and contributes to overall mobility.

Recently, Peloton added mobility classes to its suite of stretching classes, and as a fifty something woman, I’ve been loving them. For example, yesterday my feet and ankle were stiff and sore. So, I took a five-minute foot mobility class with Rebecca Kennedy.

Also, along with the Peloton University of Michigan collab, I learned that Andy Speer had done a mobility class with the men’s basketball team, who were in studio. So, I took that one, hoping I’d get a maize and blue M badge for that workout. Nope.

Anyway, let me give you a rundown on this Peloton mobility and stretching content.

where to find peloton mobility classes

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Where are Peloton mobility classes?

You’ll find the Peloton collection of mobility classes under the Stretching discipline on the app, website or your Roku TV. Also, you can do them when you’re off the bike, rower or treadmill via those Peloton screens.

When writing this article there were only 38 classes that came up under mobility. Here’s what you can expect to find.

Also, you can use the search function to find mobility classes. However, after the first dozen rows of results, Peloton returns non-mobility classes as well. It’s definitely a bug in the Peloton system as I’ve seen this happen with other searches, too.

using search to find peloton mobility classes

Five-minute mobility classes

Right now there are only two mobility classes running for five minutes. Rebecca Kennedy teaches both. There is the feet and ankle mobility class I mentioned taking, and also she has lower body mobility class.

10-minute mobility classes

There are 10 of the 10-minute mobility classes. There are classes in both English and German. Here are the parts of the body they cover:

  • Upper body, including shoulders
  • Neck (great if you need a neck stretch)
  • Lower body, including hips
  • Spinal mobility
  • Wrists

The hip mobility ones are great if you are looking to stretch your hips or release tight hips. Hannah Corbin’s 10-minute neck mobility is one I’ve bookmarked. It’s that good.

two peloton mobility classes Ive taken

15-minute classes

There are 10 of these 15-minute classes. With these longer mobility classes, you’ll find that they go beyond targeting a specific body area. Instead, they have themes, such as morning mobility or evening mobility. In other words, if you’re looking for a morning stretch or evening stretch on Peloton, these are it. You’ll find these classes taught in German and English.

In addition, there are spinal mobility classes that incorporate elements of yoga. Finally, Logan Aldridge, who specializes in adaptive training, leads one of these classes.

20-minute mobility classes

The 20-minute mobility classes are by far the largest collection, with 13 of these Peloton classes. Like the 15-minute classes, you’re looking at themed ones along with specific body areas, such as hip, shoulder and spine.

Also, both Rebecca Kennedy and Hannah Corbin use a lacrosse ball for myofascial release. Since my kids were not big lacrosse players, I never had one of these lying around. So, instead in 2019 I invested in cork balls for massage that Christine D’Ercole had recommended. I’m still using them today, including when I take these mobility classes that use a ball along with other props.

30-minute Peloton mobility class

As of this writing, there is a single mobility class that is 30-minutes long. It is a full body class and Andy Speer teaches it.

Peloton instructors that teach mobility

Here are the Peloton instructors who currently have mobility classes available On Demand.

  • Logan Aldridge
  • Hannah Corbin
  • Erik Jager
  • Rebecca Kennedy
  • Mila Lazar
  • Matty Maggiacomo
  • Kirra Michel
  • Marcel Maurer
  • Ross Rayburn
  • Andy Speer
  • Adrian Williams

As you can see, this lineup includes Peloton instructors that teach in German as well as English. I’m surprised that none of the Spanish-speaking Peloton instructors have mobility classes yet. In my opinion, Mariana Fernandez and Rad Lopez, yoga and strength instructors, respectively, would be a great addition to the mobility collection.

Props you’ll need for Peloton mobility classes

So far, only a few of the mobility classes I’ve taken have required props. If you’re taken Peloton yoga classes or have done foam rolling with Hannah Corbin, then you likely already own some of the necessary props.

However, as I mentioned earlier, both Hannah Corbin and Rebecca Kennedy use a lacrosse massage ball in their classes. So, you should invest in one of those, along with yoga blocks and a foam roller, if you don’t already own them.

If you need recommendations, I’ve included links to Amazon to help with your shopping.

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Peloton stretching classes

When it comes to Peloton stretch classes, there are two categories. One, there are pre- and post-class stretches that are equipment specific. And two, there are stand alone stretching classes.

With regards to the pre and post class ones, here’s what you’re looking at:

  • Pre & Post-Ride Stretch
  • Pre-Run Stretch
  • Post-Run Stretch
  • Pre & Post-Row Stretch
  • Boxing Stretch
  • Dance Cardio Stretch

You’ll notice that not every single class has a “pre” or “post” in the title. However, they are designed to be paired with classes in that discipline. And in the case of the Dance Cardio Stretching classes, two are designed as your cool down class.

Finally, these category-specific stretch classes are typically five or 10-minutes long. I’ve discovered that the 10 minute ones are usually connected to a theme, such as AFO (All For One) or a specific artist series, like Whitney Houston.

Other stretch categories

As I wrote in this article about Peloton foam rolling, you’ll find foam rolling classes under stretching. Hannah Corbin introduced foam rolling to us in 2019. And, shhh, don’t tell Peloton. Some of those older classes are still available and haven’t been purged. Anyway, now Rebecca Kennedy is teaching foam rolling classes, too.

The rest of the stretching collection falls into one of these four categories:

  • Lower body stretch
  • Upper body stretch
  • Full body stretch
  • Core stretch

Finally, if you are looking for other stretching options in the Peloton universe, I would recommend checking out Peloton yoga classes. Specifically, I suggest filtering for the floor poses classes, which are under Focus Flows. Denis Morton has a 20-minute floor poses class that I’ve done every morning for the last few days. It’s great for my hips and low back.

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