Peloton Pet Mom and Dad Gift Ideas

Would you call yourself a Peloton pet mom or dad? Do you have the hashtag Pelopups or Pelopets on your Peloton profile?

Is your Peloton leaderboard name reflective of your dog or cat love like mine is? My LB name, by the way, is Leah_is_Pawsome.

So, if you answered in the affirmative to any of these questions–or you know someone who would–this gift guide is for you. I’ve pulled together Peloton gift ideas specifically for Peloton dog moms and dads and Peloton cat moms and dads.

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Peloton pet mom instructors who love dogs and cats

For example, it’s well known that instructor Jess Sims is one of the ultimate Peloton dog moms. She talks about her rescues Sienna Grace and Shiloh during her outdoor walks.

Plus, she’s partnered with good causes like Muddy Paws Rescue and brands like Acana Pet Food to share her love of all things dog.

Peloton Instructor and “dog mom” to Shiloh and Sienna Grace, Jess Sims introduces new ACANA® Rescue Care for Adopted Dogs and offers advice to help families integrate activity into both their own lives and their newly adopted dogs’ lives as part of the company’s Forever Project.

In addition, instructor Christine D’Ercole aka I Am I Can I Will I Do often has stories on her Instagram about the cats she shares with her husband Mr. Hicks.

One cat is simply known as Mr. Cat. I would definitely call her a Peloton cat mom.

Other Peloton pet moms and dads

Also, there are other Peloton instructors who’ve shared their status as a pet mom or dad. This includes Rebecca Kennedy and her dog Sunny as well as Anna Greenberg and her dogs Loki and Mia.

Also, during outdoor walks with Matty Maggiacomo, I’ve heard him refer to his dog named Luther. Finally, I’ve read articles online about Oliva Amato and her best furry friend Tobi.

And recently let-go Peloton instructor Daniel McKenna has documented his Rottweiler called Dougal on Instagram. This is from when he got the dog as a puppy to full grown now.

This article outlines all of the Peloton instructors and their pets.

Why write a gift guide for Peloton pet moms and dads

There are a few reasons I decided to write this gift guide for Peloton lovers like you and me who also happen to love their dogs and cats (and other pets). One, the holiday season is upon us.

It feels earlier than ever this year. Same to you?

Two, as the author of a number of books on gift giving (here’s a link to my author page on Amazon), I know the importance of personalizing gifts. Also, I know that we all have people who are impossible to buy gifts for. So, when in doubt for those folks, buy something for their pets.

Three, with the supply chain continuing to be in knots, I fully support buying from small businesses. And one of the best places to shop for gifts from small businesses is Etsy.

That’s why many of the dog or cat gifts I’ve suggested here can be found on Etsy. However, I’ve included a few ideas from other small businesses that sell on other platforms, too.

Peloton Pet Mom and Dad Gift Ideas

Below, I’ve pulled together a range of gift ideas for Peloton pet moms and dads. This include those with dogs and cats.

And, like I said earlier, I’m trying to focusing heavily on gifts you can buy from Etsy. Because you know they are from small businesses and local artisans.

Pelopup Presents

Of all of the pets that Peloton owners seem to have, I would say Pelopups are the most popular. It is the hashtag I see most often on the Peloton Leaderboard as well as on social media platforms like Instagram.

In addition, as I mentioned earlier, my own LB name (Leah_is_Pawsome) shows my affinity for my two Pelopups. Their names are Oscar and Sadie.

With that in mind, I’ve come up with Pelopup present ideas that I think you’re going to love. Or, you’re going to love giving to the Pelopup owner in your life.

Finally, nearly all of these Pelopup gift ideas are available on Etsy.

Peloton dog bandanas

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Peloton Dog Mom or Dad Gift Ideas

Along with Pelopup there seems to be a big demand for Peloton Dog items. These could be products that your actual dog wears–and which reflects your love for Peloton.

Or it could be something you wear or hang on your wall that reflects your love for all things Peloton, dog, coffee, wine, you name it.

Gifts for Peloton Pet Moms

On the Peloton LB, Pelotonmoms usually refers to people with human children. However, there are plenty of Pelotonmoms who are also Peloton Pet Moms.

Presents for Peloton Pet Dads

I mentioned earlier that it seemed like there were way more Pelopup moms who are Peloton instructors versus Pelopup dads, except for Matty. Like do none of the other Peloton instructors have pets? 

Well, if you know a Peloton Pet dad in real life, here are some present ideas for him. And trust me–I know men are notoriously difficult to shop for.

So, hopefully, you’ll get some great gift ideas here.

As always I’ve tried to find gift ideas from small businesses, such as those on Etsy.

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Peloton Dog Accessories

When I say Peloton dog accessories, I’m talking about accessories for your actual dog. This could be a dog toy or collars with something Peloton-related on it.

For example, what about a dog collar featuring glazed donuts? Because if you work out with Peloton instructor Jess Sims, you know what that means.



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Peloton Cat Presents

For the Peloton cat mom or dad or parent you know, here are some present ideas. I did the best tracking down fun gifts for those finicky furry kitties.

Have you noticed how many of them seem to climb on a Peloton bike while their pet parent is trying to do a class?

Also, over on Instagram, PeloCats is a thing. It’s a popular hashtag.

I follow it, which is why I usually see those aforementioned cats climbing all over people’s bike!

Finally, whenever possible I’ve tried to find Peloton cat gift ideas on Etsy or which feature funny memes or the like.

Peloton Cats Pet Moms and Dad Gift ideas

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Final thoughts on Peloton Pet Mom and Dad Gift Ideas

So, what did you think of my suggestions? Did you end up finding something for that hard-to-shop-for-person on your gift list? Let me know what you think.

Keep in mind that this gift ideas list will come in handy at the holidays, of course. But you may also need to buy gifts for Peloton pet parents for a birthday, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, wedding anniversary or another gift occasion. So, be sure to bookmark this post.