Peloton Studios NYC: My Visit

I’m getting ready to have my third visit to the Peloton Studios NYC aka PSNY. I mean, I’d taken a bunch of classes at the old Peloton studios in Chelsea.

Then, the Peloton Studios reopened in 2022 and I was invited as part of the media preview for the PSNY reopening. A few months later, I went back on my own after getting off the Peloton waitlist.

Now I’ve planned a trip for my birthday. So, since updating my article on how to book an in-person class, I realized I never shared tips on visiting the Peloton studios NYC and what to expect. Thus the purpose of this article.

peloton studios nyc entrance from courtyard
Photo credit: Leah Ingram.

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What it’s like to visit Peloton Studios NYC

Anyone can actually visit the Peloton Studios NYC. There is a public entrance off the courtyard of Hudson Yards, near Whole Foods (not the 10th Avenue entrance).

When you enter on the courtyard level, you can hang out in the lounge, shop in the small Peloton store there and, if it’s a day with live, in-person classes, watch people take pictures with instructors. The strength, yoga and Tread studio classes all take pictures in this upstairs location, like I did Logan Aldridge and Marcel Dinkins after my strength and walking (respectively) classes there last year. Cycling class participants take pictures downstairs.

However, if you’re visiting Peloton Studios NYC to take classes, you’ll want to enter off of 10th Avenue. In addition, here are some tips to consider as you plan your visit and what to expect the day of.

Lucky enough to get multiple classes

If you’re considering booking multiple classes on the same day at the NYC Peloton Studios, make sure you give yourself enough time in between classes.

For example, doors close for classes 15 minutes before a class’s start time. So let’s say you’ve taken a 30-minute class.

After that, you want pictures with the instructor. Plus, you want to make the next class before the doors close.

Enough time for pictures with instructors

For example, on my recent trip to PSNY, I took an 8:00 a.m. class with Denis Morton. It was 30 minutes long.

Then, I was on the waitlist for a 10:00 Denis yoga class. That meant I needed to check in at the front desk one hour before–or at 9:00 a.m.

However, I was nowhere near getting my picture taken by that time and had to leave the line. So, I stopped a Peloton employee and explained my predicament.

I was so surprised when he suggested I jump the line, get my picture taken with Denis (see it below) and then go check in for my next class. That was so nice and truly unexpected.

This probably isn’t official Peloton policy or anything, and I may have been lucky enough to do this. Therefore, if you book classes too close together, you’re likely not going to make it.

So I would definitely book at least an hour buffer in between those multiple classes. I know I will in the future as I felt really awkward jumping the line.

Getting off the waitlist and into classes

I know that Peloton has changed the process for how you get into the cycling studio as well as how you get off the waitlist. This is what I’ve heard from people who’ve been there lately. I can confirm all of this after my visit in December 2023.

Anyway, as far as getting off the waitlist, I’m told that instead of getting a restaurant buzzer, like I did last year, now you’ll get a text message on your phone. And it is totally random versus based on who checked in first.

Speaking of checking in for cycling classes, you still get a card to get into the studio, like I did last year.

Photo credit: Leah Ingram.

However, instead of letters on the card, which tell you which order you get in, there are three levels of cards:

  • silver
  • black
  • red

My sources tell me that silver cards are for friends of instructors, black cards are for first timers or those with a milestone (wonder if my birthday will count) and red is for everyone else. Also, I understand that there are now lanes set up outside the cycling studio, like you would see for boarding at the airport.

What to bring with you to the studio

In hopes that you get off a waitlist–or if you’ve booked an in-person class–here’s what you should bring with you for or wear to your studio visit:

  • Appropriate workout shoes (sneakers or your cycling shoes from home; you can get shoes for free there, too)
  • Workout clothing
  • Water bottle
  • Flip flops (if you’ll be showering)
  • Change of clothing (if you’ll be showering)

Also, make sure that you bring enough workout clothing. In other words, since you can’t do laundry in between classes or if you’re staying at a hotel, I would bring one outfit per class you’re booked to take. So, for me, that would be underwear, a sports bra, pair of socks, leggings and top for each class.

There are free, drawstring plastic bags in the locker room to put your sweaty clothes in, like I did below.

You’ll get Peloton sweat towels for in class and also bath towel to use in the locker room later for showering. The showers have shampoo, conditioner and body wash. Plus, they have Q-tips, hair ties and more back out in the locker room.

Peloton merch to bring with you

Here’s some additional merch you may want to buy in advance of your trip. I treated myself to this Peloton headband at the Peloton store inside PSNY.

It kept the sweat off my face through Logan’s strength class. These days, it’s my favorite workout headband.

Also, make sure you bring a reusable water bottle, like this Peloton water bottle you can buy on Amazon.

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  1. I was planning to take a class with Denis last year when I was in NYC for IMM, but I broke my toe in December. Won’t be going to IMM in 2024, but I hope to get there one day! Totally jealous!

    1. I’m getting over a broken toe and boy does that suck. I hope you’ll be able to get back and take a class. I’m going next month for my birthday. So far I’m in three classes and waitlisted for two more.