Peloton Treadmill Accessories You Should Own

When it comes to Peloton treadmill accessories, Tread owners get off easier than Bike. Why? For a few reasons.

One, with the Peloton treadmill you don’t need to get special shoes. With the Peloton Bike you do.

Two, you need hand weights or dumbbells for the Tread bootcamp classes. However, you don’t have to worry about getting a special size. That’s the case with the Peloton Bike, because those weight accessories need to fit behind the seat.

Also, I realize right now Peloton isn’t selling any new Treads because of a recall issue. So, this article is for existing owners or future owners, once the recall is lifted.

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Peloton treadmill accessories that overlap with the Bike

That being said, there are tons of Peloton treadmill accessories that overlap with the must-have accessories you should buy for the Bike. So, if you already have the Bike, you’re good to go.

Here’s my article on your must-have Peloton cycle accessories.

If not, some of those overlapping accessories include:

  • heart rate monitor
  • fan
  • Peloton towel
  • good socks
peloton tread accessories

More in a bit about the specifics about these accessories that you should buy to enjoy your Peloton more. That way, if you are waiting on delivery of your Tread or Bike, you can get your accessories now. Then, when your treadmill or cycle arrives, you’ll be ready to take your first Peloton class on the Tread or Bike.

Why you need accessories for your Peloton treadmill

After spending all of that money on a Tread, you may be wondering why you need to spend more money on accessories. Here’s why: you’ll enjoy and use your equipment more if you have the right stuff.

Think about it from a gym membership perspective. You probably invested in shoes, clothing, maybe a bag when you had to go to a gym. So you made investments in accessories. It’s similar with at-home exercise equipment.

Of course, if you purchased your Tread with the accessories package, you’ve got a head start with some of the necessities and must haves. But, as someone who got the accessories package with her Bike, I can tell you this right off the bat: the Peloton heart rate monitor is crap.

Now you can buy some Tread accessories from Peloton on Amazon.

Get this heart rate monitor for Peloton

It’s nice that they include the HRM or heart rate monitor in the accessories package, but trust me: you’ll want to get another one. If you read posts in the Official Peloton Facebook group or the Pelotoncycle subreddit, you’ll see tons of comments about the Peloton chest strap heart rate monitor crapping out.

Ours lasted for about a year. Then I needed to get a new one. I wasn’t a fan of the chest strap heart rate monitor anyway. It always bumped up against my sports bras.

Why I love the Scosche HRM

Through those aforementioned groups, I learned about the Scosche HRM. You wear it on your forearm, and it pairs seamlessly with the Peloton. It’s called an Ant+ heart rate monitor. So many people who use Peloton swear by it.

Here is my review of the Scosche heart rate monitor.

I know others that are big fans of Garmin heart rate monitors. Like Scosche they are Ant+ HRM that are Bluetooth compatible.

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Don’t rely on your Apple Watch as an HRM

One thing I’ve learned in having my Peloton since 2016: you can’t rely on your Apple Watch as a heart rate monitor to use with the Peloton. You can track your workouts on your Apple Watch, to be sure. In fact, the new Bike Plus offers this seamless compatibility that I know many users find attractive.

However, the Apple Watch is not a bona fide HRM, per se. So even if you have one, you will still need to invest in another heart rate monitor.

Why you want a heart rate monitor as an accessory

You may be asking yourself: why do I need a heart rate monitor with a Peloton? Easiest answer is this. With a HRM your calorie count is more accurate. Without it, you can’t trust what the Tread or Bike is putting out as calories burned.

Look at the picture below. Granted, this is from my Bike. But it shows you the calories allegedly burned without wearing a heart rate monitor. Then, it shows you the calories burned while wearing an HRM.

peloton heart rate monitor

Sure, I’d love to finish my workout believing that I burned 700. But if you’re being honest with yourself–and using your Peloton to lose weight–then the 362 calories burned is a better and more honest metric to use.

Peloton treadmill accessories: best fan

Hands down the best fan to use with your Peloton is the Vornado brand. I know people with a Peloton bike who swear by it, and the same is true for treadmill users.

Why do you need a fan as one of your must-have Peloton Tread accessories? Because unlike traditional treadmills, the Tread does not come with a built-in fan.

Why Peloton users love Vornado fans

Most people choose to get the Vornado pedestal fan. They like it because it can cool a bigger space fast. Plus, the fan oscillates. Finally, the fan has an adjustable height.

The Vornado fan can go as tall as 38 inches–or just shy of four feet. That should put the fan blades right above the Peloton Tread side rails to help you cool down.

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Peloton treadmill accessories: screen cover

Tread owners tend to use their treadmill everyday. So there’s no reason to get a cover for the entire piece of equipment. However, the Tread touchscreen is another story.

For starters it’s important to realize that the Tread tablet is really a high-end, quite large flat-screen TV. It’s got a 32-inch diagonal. So as big as a Smart TV you might have in your home.

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Peloton treadmill accessories: laptop tray or desk attachment

For many years I had a walking desk or a treadmill desk. I’ve figured out a way to turn my Peloton bike into a desk (thanks to the Spintray). And, it turns out, you can find a laptop tray or desk attachment to turn your Peloton Tread into a desk, too, from the Spintray people. They call theirs the Steptray.

Use code LEAH10 at checkout to save 10%.

Etsy has a good selection of laptop trays for your Tread. I’ve highlighted some of them below. Keep in mind that these will work as your iPad holder or even iPhone holder, too.

I wrote an article about making a workout desk at home.

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Mat for Peloton Tread

Recently, I wrote a blog post on the best mat for the Peloton. I wrote it because so many people were asking questions about what mat to get for the Peloton. Most meant their Peloton bike. However, some were curious about the Peloton Tread.

Here’s the deal: you do not need a mat to go under your Peloton Tread. This is true even if you put your Tread on the carpet.

Don’t put a mat under your Tread

In fact, you do not want to put a mat underneath the Tread. Why? Because you risk having it bunch up as you jump inclines while using your Tread. So, be safe and don’t bother with a mat for under your Tread.

However, if you’re looking for a mat to use for strength training with your treadmill or Tread bootcamps, a good yoga mat will serve you well. I’ve shared some of my yoga mat favorites that you can find on Amazon.

[mv_create key=”196″ type=”list” title=”Manduka on Amazon” thumbnail=”” layout=”circles”]
[mv_create key=”826″ type=”list” title=”Peloton Brand Mats on Amazon” thumbnail=”” layout=”circles”]

Peloton treadmill accessories: weights for strength training

Since I mentioned the Tread bootcamps and strength training classes, it makes sense to use one of the most important Peloton accessories: dumbbells or hand weights.

You may have noticed the instructors using the square dumbbells during class. You can buy these Tread weights directly from Peloton via Amazon.

[mv_create key=”824″ type=”list” title=”Peloton Weights on Amazon” thumbnail=”” layout=”circles”]

What hand weights to buy

For the Tread strength training classes, you want to get heavier weights. Whereas most people use one, two and three-pound weights on the Bike, for the Tread, I recommend you invest in the following:

  • 5 pound
  • 8 pound
  • 10 pound
  • 12 pound
  • 15 pound
  • 20 pound

Here’s my article on the best weights for Peloton.

Peloton treadmill accessories: headphones

If you buy one of the accessory packages with your Tread, you’ll get a pair of wired headphones. If it were me, I wouldn’t bother getting that package just for the headphones. Most Peloton users end up with Bluetooth-enabled wireless headphones.

I’ve had great luck with my AfterShokz headphones. They are actually bone-conducting headphones, which means they neither go on your ears or in your ears. How they work is by sitting in front of your ears.

What this means is this. You can hear the instructors leading class and you can hear everything happening around you.

Caveat emptor with Apple AirPods

Many people have Apple AirPods and use them with their Peloton. However, I know from first-hand experience that once you pair your AirPods with your Peloton, it’s nearly impossible to then pair them with your phone afterwards. It’s like once they’re connected, they won’t let go.

I’ve heard hundreds of people having similar problems, which is why I got the AfterShokz. However, when I decide to take my Peloton workout outdoors, via the Peloton digital app, then I’ll use my AirPods.

I reviewed the Peloton digital app here.

Peloton Tread shoes

As I mentioned at the start of this blog post, one of the benefits of having the Tread is you need fewer special accessories than those who have the bike. However, you definitely need good running or walking shoes.

You don’t have to buy your shoes from Peloton to use with the Tread. Just wear whatever shoes you would have worn to run on the treadmill at the gym.

Get separate shoes for indoor and outdoor workouts

Perhaps you’ve been using the Peloton digital app to get in outdoor walks or runs while waiting for your Peloton to arrive. I wouldn’t recommend using those same shoes for using the Tread indoors. Instead, invest in a second pair or running shoes, walking shoes or sneakers that you use exclusively indoors.

I buy all of my sneakers from Zappos. They have a great selection–especially if you have wide feet like I do. And Zappos has free shipping and free return shipping, too.

Socks to wear with your shoes

Since getting my Peloton in 2016, I’ve discovered the best socks for Peloton. And they are Bombas socks. Perhaps you’ve heard of them. The company got its start on “Shark Tank.”

Not only does Bombas make soft, durable, moisture-wicking socks, but also the company supports good causes. That is, for every pair of socks you buy from Bombas, they’ll donate a pair of socks to someone who needs them. How great is that?

Here are some other clothing items to consider buying for your Tread.

Peloton treadmill accessories: towel for your Peloton

You’ll definitely want to keep a towel handy when working out on your Tread. In fact, along with the Vornado fan, I’d say that a good towel is one of the most important Peloton accessories to have.

Of course, you can use just a regular old towel to wipe your brow. Or, you can have some fun with some of these special Peloton-themed towels. I have the “Together We Go Far” towel from Work It Towels.

You may also want to invest in a special Peloton towel hook. It attaches to the side of your Peloton treadmill and ensures your towel will always be easy to reach.

Here is my newer post on the best towels for Peloton users.

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