Peloton Yoga Basics and Review

When we first got our Peloton bike in 2016, I couldn’t have written a Peloton yoga review.

That’s because at that time, there was such a thing as Peloton yoga but it wasn’t very robust.

One teacher had yoga classes available on demand and, frankly, she wasn’t my cup of tea.

Fast forward to 2018 when Peloton introduced us to three new yoga instructors: Aditi Shah, Kristin McGee and Anna Greenberg.

These three yoga experts were, in my opinion, what finally made Peloton yoga worth practicing.

They knew their way around the mat and, like the Peloton bike and Peloton Tread instructors, each brought their own personality to class.

So you could mix things up a bit.

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Peloton yoga instructors

Speaking of mixing things up, not long after Peloton yoga came online the company introduced two additional teachers.

They were Denis Morton–one of my favorite bike instructors (love his “dad” jokes and his musical tastes)–and Ross Rayburn.

In 2020 they added Chelsea Jackson Roberts to the mix.

Then, in 2021 Peloton added more yoga instructors, including those practicing in other languages.

This includes Kirra Michel, an Australian native, who teaches in English.

Also, there is Mariana Fernandez, who teaches in Spanish and English.

And, finally, Nico Sarani, a yogi leading class in German and English.

Now you finally had a full complement of yoga practitioners, which made this long-time yoga enthusiast and Peloton OG bike owner super happy.

Here is a rundown of my favorite Peloton yoga instructors.

peloton yoga basics

Some common questions about Peloton yoga

The first and most obvious question about Peloton yoga is this: does Peloton have yoga? Yes, it does.

As I mentioned earlier, Peloton has always offered yoga classes in one form or another.

But it wasn’t until 2018 that the company ramped up Peloton yoga from a few On Demand classes to a whole series.

This includes beginner yoga classes, intermediate classes and advanced yoga classes.

Classes are as short as five minutes or as long as 75 minutes aka one hour and 15 minutes.

Peloton yoga basics library

There is also something called Peloton yoga basics.

It is, basically, a library of poses that you can expect to do in a Peloton yoga class–or really any yoga class.

As someone who has been practicing yoga for years, the yoga basics library is a great refresher on the proper way to do certain poses, salutations or flows.

If you’ve never been able to hire a private yoga teacher–I’ve never had that kind of money–the yoga basics library is a great way to get that one-on-one instruction.

How to find the Peloton basics library

A dear reader recently posted a comment about how to find the Peloton basics library.

I took it for granted that people knew how to do that.

Clearly, I was wrong.

So, I made a video that explains how you can find the yoga basics library on the Peloton app on your phone (or other tablet device).

The video also includes tips on how to find the Peloton yoga basics library on the Peloton website.

Basically, you open the yoga classes on the app or website, and then select the filter.

Choose “Class Type” and then scroll down to “Yoga Basics.”

And voila, the Yoga Basics Library.

Then, you can choose the yoga basics class you want to take.

Peloton chair yoga

Finally, Peloton yoga includes something called desk yoga as well as chair yoga.

It’s exactly what it sounds like–yoga you can practice at your desk (at home, at work) or in a chair (in your kitchen, a hotel room, etc.).

While chair yoga is great for seniors, it’s not the only exercise that users over 50 can do on Peloton.

Peloton family yoga

Peloton also has a suite of family-oriented classes in the yoga library.

This includes kids’ and tweens’ yoga classes. Instructor Kristin McGee teaches all of these.

As the mother of three children, that makes sense.

Peloton prenatal and postnatal yoga

In 2022 two of the Peloton yoga instructors announced they were expecting.

They are Anna Greenberg and Chelsea Jackson Roberts.

So, it’s not surprising that in addition to Kristin McGee, Anna and Chelsea are now teaching yoga classes for prenatal and postnatal moms.

In addition, Peloton has introduced a collection of prenatal yoga and meditation with Anna.

peloton prenatal yoga meditation anna greenberg

Are Peloton yoga classes good?

I think they are.

Mostly, because as a bike owner, they come with my subscription.

There is no reason for me to go to a yoga studio and pay another fee to take a class.

I get them all for free at home.

Now, I realize there is something really special about taking a yoga class at a studio where the outside world is shut out.

When I lived in New Jersey, I had yoga teachers that used essential oils during class to help us breath and relax or they might give a quick scalp massage during savasana/shavasana.

Obviously, the Peloton yoga classes cannot reach through the TV and provide this kind of hands-on work.

But that doesn’t mean I can’t bring lavender oil with me when I start a yoga class.

Are there Peloton Spanish yoga classes?

You’re in luck.

The only Peloton Spanish classes right now are yoga classes.

Earlier in 2021 Peloton introduced Mariana Fernandez, Peloton’s first Spanish-language teacher.

However, Mariana isn’t just teaching Peloton yoga classes in Spanish.

She also has yoga classes in English.

At the same time Peloton hired Nico Sarani, who teaches yoga classes in German.

She joins a small team of German-speaking cycling instructors, too.

Some Peloton yoga classes move fast

My only complaint about the classes is that they tend to move really quickly.

I’m used to taking a slower flow class and holding my poses for longer.

I’ve talked to other Peloton owners with experience practicing yoga.

They’ve said the same–they move too quickly.

So for that reason I’ve tended to stick with beginner classes.

I was so happy when Denis Morton, one of my favorite bike instructors, started offering yoga classes, too–and then added beginner yoga classes to the mix.

Finally, you’ll find chair yoga, desk yoga and even standing yoga under Peloton’s Yoga Anywhere option.

Sleep meditations

One of the newest series of classes on the Peloton app is called The Power of Sleep.

It is a two-week program that includes 14 sleep meditation classes.

Each Peloton yoga instructor does at least one class.

However, Ross Rayburn and Aditi Shah lead most of these sleep meditations.

Here is my review of Peloton meditation classes.

How do you get Peloton yoga on TV

If you wanted to, you could stream all of the Peloton yoga classes from your bike.

But you would have to keep popping up to look at the bike screen to see what the instructors were doing, if you weren’t sure.

Good thing you can stream the Peloton yoga classes on TV.

There are two ways you can do that.

Cast your screen to a Smart TV

First, you can “cast” your bike’s screen onto a nearby TV.

I know plenty of Peloton bike riders who do this casting so they can be looking up while riding and not down at the Peloton screen.

This has a lot to do with the inflexibility of the Peloton handlebars and the fact that the screen doesn’t swivel.

Anyway, you “cast” by using a smart TV like a Roku or a smart device like a FireStick.

This article explains how to cast your Peloton to a TV.

Connect your laptop to a TV

Second, you can use your laptop to stream the classes on TV.

In our house we use our laptop to watch TV anyway.

We watch network TV using Hulu Live, and then have Netflix as well as HBO subscriptions as add-ons.

So we already have a setup of a laptop connected to our TV using an HDMI cable.

peloton yoga at home

Use a Smart TV

Third, invest in a Smart TV.

This past Black Friday, we treated ourselves to a Roku SmartTV.

We can watch shows on all of our favorite streaming services, and we can get the Peloton app on the TV.

So no more fiddling with an HDMI and my laptop to take classes.

Stream on a handheld tablet or device

The other option you have is to stream the classes on your phone or a tablet or your laptop, which you’ll put at the top of your mat.

Having done this when traveling, it works, to be sure.

But streaming to a TV makes for a much better experience.

Peloton yoga free trial

You can try Peloton yoga free for 30 days when you sign up for a Peloton digital app subscription.

With the app subscription, you’ll also get the other classes that Peloton offers–strength, running, stretching, etc.

After 30 days the app-only subscription is $12.99 per month.

If you happen to already own a Peloton bike or the Peloton Tread, you do not need a yoga free trial.

The yoga is part of your subscription package that is a part of owning Peloton equipment.

Accessories for Peloton yoga

If you’re going to be doing yoga at home, then you’ll need certain yoga accessories.

Here’s what I have:

  • Gaiam yoga mat
  • yoga blocks
  • yoga strap

Many of the instructors also talk about using a yoga blanket, which they fold up to put under their knees.

Or they sit on it like a bolster.

Sometimes they’ll use this folded up blanket during a restorative yoga class.

Gaiam yoga mats

I recently splurged on a new, thicker Gaiam yoga mat and a gorgeous yoga blanket, which I bought on

Here is a review about how each of these yoga accessory items works.

Read about my favorite Peloton accessories.

Peloton yoga accessories

Keep in mind that, at one time, Peloton did not sell these items for yoga.

However, if you’ve recently decided to trade in your old, original Peloton bike for the new Bike Plus, you may have gotten a Peloton yoga and toning accessories kit for free.

Here’s what’s included in this kit:

  • Reversible Workout Mat
  • Resistance Bands
  • Yoga Blocks (2)
  • Yoga Strap

The company says this kit retails for $149 but I could not figure out where on the site you would buy it.

That’s why I’ve included links to Gaiam yoga products on Amazon.

[mv_create key=”825″ type=”list” title=”Peloton Yoga Equipment on Amazon” thumbnail=”” layout=”circles”]

Peloton yoga blocks

When it comes to using yoga blocks for your Peloton yoga practice, you have two choices in materials.

One, you can get a block made out of solid foam.

Or, two, you can get a block made from cork.

In my old yoga studio, they had yoga blocks made from both materials.

I preferred the foam blocks because they were slightly bigger and lighter.

That is, the cork blocks were smaller and heavier.

The same is true with the yoga blocks that Gaiam sells.

Well, at least the size part.

The cork blocks are slightly smaller than the foam blocks.

Foam vs cork yoga blocks

Weight doesn’t really matter when you’re using blocks, because they’re there to support you.

You are not lifting them to build muscles as you might with dumbbells.

Still, you may have a material preference, which is why I’ve included this explanation in their review of yoga blocks.

For example, the cork yoga blocks are made from 100% recycled cork.

So, if sustainability is important to you with your yoga accessories, this is good information to have.

Yoga blocks from Gaiam

[mv_create key=”349″ type=”list” title=”Peloton Yoga Basics: Blocks” thumbnail=”” layout=”circles”]

Peloton yoga mat

You can buy a Peloton mat with your Tread accessories package.

It’s designed to be used for strength or stretching work done on the ground.

Also, you can use it for practicing yoga.

Lucky me, I got a Manduka PRO yoga mat for my birthday.

For more about Peloton mats, please check out this blog post Best Mat for Peloton Review.

Here is my post on the best workout sweat towels.

Peloton yoga blanket

Again, Peloton does not sell the gray and white mottled blanket you’ve probably seen the yoga instructors using in class, be it a flow class or a restorative class.

In fact, I’ve had readers asking what yoga blanket Peloton instructors use in class.

Since Peloton doesn’t sell these blankets, I can’t say for sure.

However, I’ve done some research, and here’s what I found.

I believe that the Peloton yoga instructors are using the solid color Mexican deluxe yoga blanket from YogaDirect.

I found it on Amazon, and the pictures look almost identical to what you see in class.

Peloton yoga bolsters

Many of the Peloton instructors will use a bolster during restorative yoga classes.

A bolster is basically a fancy word for a pillow.

It is designed not only for comfort but for support.

Many people will sit on a bolster or pillow during a meditation class, too.

Here are a few bolster options for your Peloton yoga practice.

Yoga bolsters

[mv_create key=”352″ type=”list” title=”Peloton Yoga Basics: Bolsters” thumbnail=”” layout=”circles”]

Final thoughts on Peloton yoga

If you’re looking to keep up your yoga practice–and want access to other fitness options–then investing in the Peloton yoga free trial is likely worth your time and money.

I’ve loved being able to do yoga at home.

Again, it doesn’t 100% replace the in studio experience but it is a very good substitution–especially for working out at home.

Finally, yoga is a great way to deal with Peloton aches and pains from tight muscles.


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