Peloton Yoga Instructors: My Favorites

UPDATE: Now that Ross Rayborn and Kristen McGee have both left, there are two fewer yoga instructors on the roster. I haven’t yet had time to update this article to reflect their departure so wanted to add this note at the top.

When it comes to the best Peloton yoga instructors, it really depends on your personality and how you like to practice yoga.

Here are my thoughts on the best Peloton yoga teachers or which kinds of classes I think these instructors do the best teaching.

In other words, these are my favorite Peloton instructors to practice yoga with.

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My favorite Peloton yoga instructors

I’ll say it again that which person I think is the best yoga instructor may not match with what you think.

For example, my daughter Annie is used to practicing rigorous, hot yoga at a studio near her.

Therefore, when she uses the Peloton app to take a yoga class, she’s more likely to take a Kirra Michel class.


Because I would definitely describe Kirra’s way of practicing yoga as much more rigorous.

That’s not to say I never take her classes.

She’s recorded some healthy back classes that I’ve bookmarked and gone back to when my back was bothering me.

Anyway, you should take my recommendations with a grain of salt, because (sounding like a broken record here), what I like in yoga may not be what you like.

Who are the Peloton yoga instructors

As of this writing, here is an alphabetical list of all of the Peloton yoga instructors:

  • Mariana Fernandez
  • Anna Greenberg
  • Kristin McGee
  • Kirra Michel
  • Denis Morton
  • Ross Rayburn
  • Chelsea Jackson Roberts
  • Nico Sarani
  • Aditi Shah

Note: Mariana Fernandez teaches in Spanish and English.

Also, Nico Sarani teaches in German and English.

Finally, these yoga instructors also lead Peloton meditations.

Peloton desk yoga and Peloton chair yoga

These kinds of yoga classes sound exactly like their title.

They are ways to practice yoga, albeit modified, while you’re at your desk or sitting in a chair.

This was my husband’s “gateway” into Peloton yoga.

He started doing desk yoga whenever he had to travel for business.

This is someone who never liked to stretch.

Now he loves these desk and yoga classes.

I do, too.

And prefer taking desk yoga or chair yoga with instructor Anna Greenberg.

She just has this way about her of explaining the poses that you’ll be doing in a non-traditional way while standing at your desk or sitting in a chair.

I realize that Anna has plenty of other kinds of yoga classes that she teaches.

But when I want to do a five- or 10-minute desk yoga, I’ll filter in the app for Anna’s name.

Finally, Anna offers some standing yoga classes, wobbles and all (IYKYK).

However, Peloton standing yoga isn’t the only kind of Peloton standing class offered.

peloton yoga instructor anna greenberg

Peloton yoga for beginners

Traditional yoga classes on the Peloton app are often categorized as beginner, intermediate and advanced.

Since I like the slower flow in my yoga class, I tend to stick with the beginner yoga classes.

My favorite teacher for beginner yoga and/or a slow flow is Denis Morton.

Denis also happens to be one of my favorite bike instructors.

I really connect with his musical taste and love his dad jokes.

I’m married to someone who loves telling dad jokes so riding with Denis and practicing yoga with him really make me feel at home.

denis peloton yoga

Yoga basics

With the yoga basics classes, I think instructor Ross Rayburn has a really special way of explaining things.

There is one yoga basics class that Ross teaches on the pigeon pose.

Or as he says it’s really a pigeon pose prep class.

It’s only 10 minutes long but I’ve bookmarked it in the app–did you know you could do that? Bookmarking?–and go back to it repeatedly.


One, because I like Ross’s teaching style so much.

Two, he continues to educate me on good yoga form.

And three, pigeon is a great hip opener and stretch for your glutes.

As someone who rides at least five days a week, I need this kind of stretching on a regular basis.

peloton yoga ross rayburn

Yoga slow flow

As you know by now, I like my Peloton yoga classes to move slowly.

Therefore, I’ll filter by those aforementioned beginner classes (which tend to move more slowly overall).

Or, I’ll filter by Slow Flow.

When I do, I’ll usually try to find one either Denis Morton (who likes to marinate in poses) or Aditi Shah.

In fact, if you search on Peloton using the filter for Slow Flow, you’ll notice that many of the morning Slow Flow classes are Aditi classes.

A morning Slow Flow is a great way to start your day.

Doing yoga at Peloton studios

When I took in-person classes at Peloton studios New York, I was on the waitlist for two yoga flows.

One was with Denis Morton; the other was with Nico Sarani.

peloton waitlist confirmation

I didn’t get off the Peloton waitlist for either class, which was a huge disappointment.

Then again, there is room for only five or six people in those live Peloton yoga classes.

However, I did make it into Denis’ Power Zone cycling class so got to meet one of my favorite instructors that way.


Peloton yoga props on Amazon

If you’re going to start practicing yoga with your favorite instructors, then you’re going to want to invest in good props.

I’ve been pleasantly surprised at just how good the Peloton yoga props are. Especially the yoga blocks!

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