Peloton Recovery Ride and Other Best Rest Day Classes

Sometimes you just need to take a recovery ride. Or do a restorative yoga class. Or just take a rest day from your Peloton.

In fact, rest and recovery are just as important in your fitness journey as active engagement. For example, have you ever noticed at the end of a Peloton ride how the instructor says the last minute is your descending recovery?

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Why I need rest, recovery and restorative classes right now

These rest, recovery and restorative classes are top of mind for me right now. I’m more aware of what my body needs for three reasons.

One, I’m continuing to do the Hardcore on the Floor calendar religiously. That means I’m doing glutes and legs classes at least twice a week, upper body classes twice a week, plus barre and pilates.

Two, I’ve decided to do the Tunde Arm Challenge. So, that’s arms and lights weights classes with Tunde three times a week. And, three, I recently slipped and fell on my left side. So, I’m sore. 

I didn’t break anything–I think all of my strength training helped strengthen my bones–and I want to remain active but I don’t want to push it and do anything stupid. So, the importance of taking recovery rides, rest days and doing restorative yoga.

Why write about the concept of a recovery ride and Peloton rest day classes

I’ve just explained my personal reasons for embracing rest, recovery and restorative classes on Peloton. But I decided to write this article because I know others have questions. 

So, in this post I’ll address some of those common questions. They include:

  • How do you find Peloton recovery rides
  • Does Peloton have recovery runs
  • What’s the difference between a recovery ride and a low-impact ride
  • What should you do on a Peloton rest day
  • What is Peloton restorative yoga 
  • How to find Peloton recovery rides

How to search for a Peloton recovery ride

Now that Peloton has expanded its search function, it is much easier to find Peloton recovery rides. You can go into the search feature on the bike or the website, and type in “recovery ride.” 

The reason I suggest you add the word ride to your search is because there are recovery runs, too. I want you to get the most accurate search results possible. I’ll talk about recovery runs in a bit.

Also, the reason I suggest you use search versus the class filter is this: recovery rides are not included in the “Class Type” option of the filter. However, two of them are included in the low impact class type on the filter. Go figure.

Anyway, when I do that search on my computer, I get 37 results. I’ve listed them all below, in reverse chronological order. 

List of Peloton recovery rides

Keep in mind that Peloton does purge rides from time to time. So, it’s entirely possible that Peloton may one day purge the recovery rides here from 2019. In fact, that’s the farthest back they go right now.

Here are the names of the instructors and the dates of the recovery rides I could find, as of this writing. I’ve broken them out by class duration.

20 minute Peloton recovery ride classes

  • Emma Lovewell 2/23/22
  • Christine D’Ercole 2/17/22
  • Sam Yo 1/1/22 (New Year’s Day theme)
  • Leanne Hainsby 11/28/21
  • Bradley Rose 11/20/21
  • Christine D’Ercole 10/14/21
  • Ben Alldis 10/9/21 (Mental Health Day theme)
  • Sam Yo 9/15/21 (Ed Sheeran theme)
  • Matt Wilpers 7/31/21
  • Emma Lovewell  7/29/21
  • Robin Arzon 7/9/21, 7/8/21, 7/7/21 (Prenatal theme)
  • Jess King 6/11/21
  • Matt Wilpers 5/29/21
  • Kendall Toole 5/12/21
  • Christine D’Ercole 4/19/21
  • Ally Love 4/3/21
  • Robin Arzon 2/5/21 (Prenatal theme)
  • Emma Lovewell 2/4/21
  • Matt Wilpers 1/3/21
  • Christine D’Ercole 1/3/21
  • Robin Arzon 12/18/20 (Prenatal theme)
  • Denis Morton 9/12/20 
  • Hanna Corbin 9/7/20
  • Sam Yo 10/30/20 (BHM: Blues)
  • Kendall Toole 8/12/20
  • Ben Alldis 5/31/20
  • Robin Arzon 3/4/20
  • Sam Yo 2/4/20
  • Robin Arzon 12/28/19
  • Ben Alldis 12/19/19
  • Hanna Corbin 12/17/19
  • Ally Love 11/9/19

30 minute Peloton recovery ride classes

  • Sam Yo 30 minutes 12/31/20 (New Year’s Day theme)
  • Sam Yo 30 minutes 1/1/20 (New Year’s Day theme)
  • Leanne Hainsby 30 minutes 12/31/20 (New Year’s Day theme)

The reason I’m giving you this list of recovery rides is in case you are a Peloton app user. Since there is no searchability on the app or a Roku TV at this time, I wanted to provide the dates so you can bookmark the classes for your use. Then, you can stack them as you see fit on a rest or recovery day.

More about stacking Peloton classes here.

Length of Peloton recovery rides

I know my readers have asked about the existence of 30 minute recovery rides. Truth is, nearly all of them are 20 minutes long. 

In fact, based on that list of rides, above, there are only three 30-minute recovery rides. All are from London instructors. 

Two are with Sam Yo and one is with Leanne Haisby. All three are New Year’s Day recovery rides. 

Peloton active recovery rides

There is another level of recovery rides and they’re what I would call active recovery. In my mind these belong under the category of power zone rides, specifically power zone endurance rides.

For example, I know that Christine D’Ercole has taught PZE (power zone endurance) rides that are all Zone 2. These are some of the best Power Zone rides because Zone 2 is sneaky. You don’t think you’re working that hard, but suddenly you find yourself hot and sweaty. So, a great way to get a sweat in without destroying yourself.

Now, on the power zone meter, technically, Zone 1 is active recovery. So, you could take a Power Zone Endurance ride and ride the whole thing in Zone 1 and Zone 2, if you’d like.

In fact, any of the 30-minute power zone endurance rides, taken at a zone below, would be an excellent way to have a recovery day.

Here is my article about power zone training.

Peloton recovery ride vs low impact

When you’re searching for rides to do, you may discover that in addition to recovery rides, Peloton has something called low-impact rides. So, what’s the difference between a recovery ride and a low-impact ride?

What are low-impact rides

Let’s start with low-impact rides. Rides are called low-impact because they are primarily done in the saddle. They are easier on your joints, if you will, because you’re not getting out the saddle and dancing or standing or running. 

That being said, low-impact rides are not low-heart rate rides. A low-impact ride can be intense, even if you’re sitting down the whole time. Consider that a climb ride done in the saddle might be considered a low-impact ride, albeit one that makes you sweat.

If you’re determined to take a low-impact ride, I would recommend looking at those that Matt Wilpers offers. These low-impact rides often involve pedal work, such as pedaling using one leg only. These exercises can make you a stronger rider overall.

What is a recovery ride

Recovery rides are designed to let your body recover while still getting in a ride. You might consider that cool-down rides you do after a hard effort could be a recovery ride.

But, as I’ve explained, above, there are legit recovery rides on the Peloton platform. These recovery rides are there to serve a purpose–helping your body heal.

Here is how Peloton describes recovery rides:

“Speed up your recovery by flushing out your legs and increasing blood flow without adding any stress to your muscles. This ride is perfect for a rest day!”

Other kinds of rides that might mimic recovery rides are the cool down rides. They are either five- or ten-minutes long, and are all about flushing out your legs, too. 

Peloton recovery runs

Now that I’ve covered recovery rides, let’s talk about Peloton recovery runs. You can find recovery runs the same way you did with the rides–using the Peloton search feature.

Type in “recovery run” and you’ll get 51 results. These go back as far as early 2019 and include people in the studio running with the Tread instructors.

List of Peloton recovery runs

What’s interesting about this list of recovery runs is not only are there more options than recovery rides but also the class lengths differ. In addition, one of the options for a recovery run is an audio-only outdoor run. What a great way to mix it up.

Here are the names of the instructors and the dates of the recovery runs I could find, as of this writing. They are broken out by duration.

10 minute Peloton recovery run classes

  • Jess Sims 10/3/19

15 minute Peloton recovery run classes

  • Joslyn Thompson Rule 2/20/22
  • Susie Chan 1/11/22
  • Matt Wilpers 10/18/21
  • Marcel Dinkins 9/14/21
  • Adrian Williams 9/8/21
  • Becs Gentry 5/20/21
  • Becs Gentry 11/2/20

20 minute Peloton recovery run classes

  • Becs Gentry 1/20/22
  • Marcel Dinkins 1/19/22
  • Adrian Williams 1/7/22
  • Joslyn Thompson Rule 2/20/22 (New Year’s Day theme)
  • Susie Chan 10/23/21
  • Becs Gentry 10/15/21 (audio-only, outdoor run)
  • Kirsten Ferguson 10/5/21
  • Matt Wilpers 8/26/21
  • Becs Gentry 8/23/21
  • Becs Gentry 7/19/21
  • Matt Wilpers 11/5/20
  • Matt Wilpers 7/23/20
  • Olivia Amato 10/15/19
  • Matt Maggiacomo 10/7/19
  • Andy Speer 9/25/19
  • Selena Samuela 9/23/19
  • Robin Arzon 9/16/19
  • Olivia Amato 9/16/19
  • Jess Sims 9/10/19
  • Jess Sims 8/29/19
  • Olivia Amato 8/27/19
  • Chase Tucker 8/24/19*
  • Matt Wilpers 8/21/19
  • Selena Samuela 8/7/19
  • Olivia Amato 7/29/19
  • Jess Sims 7/15/19
  • Andy Speer 7/2/19
  • Jess Sims 6/19/19
  • Andy Speer 6/12/19
  • Selena Samuela 6/7/19
  • Becs Gentry 6/5/19
  • Olivia Amato 6/4/19
  • Rebecca Kennedy 5/19/19
  • Olivia Amato 5/11/19

30 minute Peloton recovery run classes

  • Becs Gentry 1/11/22
  • Matt Wilpers 1/3/22
  • Becs Gentry 9/8/21
  • Matt Wilpers 6/3/21
  • Becs Gentry 4/19/21
  • Becs Gentry 10/27/20
  • Matt Wilpers 8/3/20
  • Becs Gentry 7/29/20
  • Becs Gentry 10/28/19

* Chase Tucker left Peloton in early 2022. So, this is likely the only class you’ll ever find from him for a recovery. My guess is it will soon be purged aka deleted.

Other Peloton recovery classes

If you were to type in just the word “recovery” into the Peloton search, sure you’ll find those rides and runs I’ve already described. However, there are other Peloton classes that fit the recovery theme.

As of this writing you can find recovery classes in the following genres and lengths, and with these instructors:

  • Kirsten Ferguson 20 minutes New Year’s Day Recovery Walk 1/1/22
  • Matty Maggiacomo 20 minutes New Year’s Day Recovery Stretch 1/1/22
  • Ross Rayburn 5 minutes Yoga Recovery 4/20/21
  • Rebecca Kennedy 5 minutes Active Recovery Stretch: Shins 6/25/19
  • Rebecca Kennedy 5 minutes Active Recovery Stretch: Feet 6/25/19
  • Andy Speer 5 minutes Active Recovery Stretch: Feet 6/25/19
  • Andy Speer 5 minutes Active Recovery Stretch: Hips 6/25/19
  • Rebecca Kennedy 5 minutes Active Recovery Stretch: Hips 6/25/19
  • Andy Speer 5 minutes Active Recovery Stretch: Shins 6/25/19

Peloton Restorative Yoga

Above, I mention that there is one, five-minute yoga class with Ross Rayburn under “recovery.” But did you know that there’s a whole branch of yoga devoted to recovery? It’s called restorative yoga, and Peloton has plenty of classes with this theme.

Here is how Peloton describes its restorative yoga classes:

“In restorative yoga, we hold poses for longer amounts of time and use props to take some or all of the effort out of the poses. Cultivate relaxation, calm the nervous system and feel restored.”

Below are some props you can invest in to help with your restorative yoga practice.

Peloton Yoga Basics: Blocks

Peloton Yoga Basics: Blankets

Peloton Yoga Basics: Bolsters


More about all of the Peloton yoga classes here.

What to do on a Peloton rest and recovery day

One of the reasons I love following the Hardcore on the Floor calendar is it includes active recovery days. And the active recovery classes on the calendar are just suggestions.

For example, every Sunday the calendar will include an outdoor walk on the Peloton app. In addition, it will include a shorter yoga flow that focuses on a specific body part, such as your hips or hamstrings.

However, any low-impact activity counts as a recovery activity. So some of the best Peloton recovery classes might be walking your dogs while listening to an outdoor audio class or doing a Peloton stretching class.  Also, if you’ve never checked out the Peloton chair or standing yoga, a rest day would be a great time to do that.

Here are more standing classes from Peloton.

Final thoughts on the Peloton Recovery Ride and Best Rest Day Classes

It is so easy to overdo it when you own a Peloton. Even just using the Peloton app can lead to over exercising. I mean, this tool is available to you 24/7 so you have no excuse not to exercise.

However, rest and recovery are just as important as breaking a sweat. Your body needs time to heal.

So, if you find yourself hitting an exercise plateau or not getting PRs anymore, you may need to take a day or two off from your exercise routine. It doesn’t mean you can’t be active, just active in a recovery kind of way.